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Keys To Finding The Right Family Dentist

Nothing is more important than the health of your family, especially that of your children. With so many aspects of their well-being to keep track of, it is essential to include dental health into the equation. Choosing a family dentist can be a daunting and time consuming task to undertake, but with careful planning the rewards are well worth the effort.

Most family practitioners offer a suite of services specific to adults and children. These services generally include cleanings, oral hygiene training, filings, and tooth restoration. Getting you child acquainted with these visits and standard procedures will help them build trusting relationships with their dentist as well as lay the foundation for proper oral care.


The training a dental provider has received should be one of the biggest factors in your decision making process. Adequate levels of education and experience with every age group associated with your family must be taken into careful consideration. While many general practitioners offer pediatric services, it is best to select a certified pediatric specialist. These specialists have typically been required to take an additional 2 to 3 years of pediatric training on top of general dentistry curriculums. This extra schooling makes them supremely equipped to handle the dental needs of babies, children, and teens. What really sets pediatric trained dentists apart from the rest, however, is their ability to communicate with younger children effectively. Allaying fears, while providing easy to understand instructions to children, is a truly valuable ability and can turn an office visit from a nightmare into a dream.


Just as significant as training is your dentist’s experience level. While finding out how long they have been practicing is a necessary action, a measure of what procedures are offered and how many times they have been successfully completed is a crucial and telling bit of information.


Many providers offer extra services in conjunction with generic dental care. Orthodontics, sedation dentistry, restorative procedures, and cosmetic dentistry are but a few of the options available. Responsibility is on the individual to evaluate the needs of the family in order to choose the best provider. Secondary services should also be taken into consideration during this time, such as whether they have a commitment to staying current on advancements in their field or if their policies on emergency care.


The atmosphere of an office traditionally holds a large influence on a final decision. Every establishment is different, with a uniquely intangible energy generated by its staff. When possible, preview an office before committing to it. Meet the doctors and support staff, and gauge not only your comfort but that of your family members. If children are young, a good staff can establish a rapport quickly and explain their jobs in simple, clear terms.

The physical décor of an office is fundamental to the atmosphere as well. Comfortable settings heed more favorable responses from children. Most pediatric offices have waiting rooms tailored specifically after young patient interests, including toys, family television, and coloring books. Such amenities are helpful indicators that your child’s well-being is important.

Carefully weighing these concerns will be crucial to finding the right dental provider. With diligence and patience, you and your family can establish a trusting, long-lasting relationship with untold benefits for years to come.

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