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Should You Get Laser Teeth Whitening?

Getting that Hollywood smile is something that more and more people dream of in Britain. With the growing demand for cosmetic dentistry, the treatments for the perfect smile have become so much more accessible to us all, not just stars on the red carpet.

Today, the laser teeth whitening procedure is carried out quickly and conveniently in many clinics around the country. But what are the pros and cons? As with every cosmetic treatment, there are reasons why you should or shouldn’t have them. So here we look at the advantages and the disadvantages of laser teeth whitening. To find out more from the teeth whitening experts or special offers on treatments, visit

Advantages of Laser Teeth Whitening

Laser teeth whitening has opened a lot of doors for people who suffer from bad teeth. Whether your teeth have yellowed over time or you have developed stains that just won’t go, teeth whitening can help give you back your confidence once again.

  • 60 minute treatment – you can have a Hollywood smile in under an hour! The treatment is so quick and effective and you won’t feel like it’s taken much of your time to achieve a new, improve you.
  • 14 shades lighter – laser teeth whitening can improve the whiteness of your teeth by up to 14 shades. This will make an incredible difference to your smile!
  • Get rid of stains – you can finally say goodbye to stubborn stains from drinking tea, coffee, red wine, soft drinks or from smoking.
  • Treated by trained experts – cosmetic dentists are often experts in their field so they are experienced in helping people rebuild their confidence with a whiter, brighter smile.
  • Immediate results – with laser teeth whitening, there’s no waiting period before you see the results. Unlike surgery, you can get amazing results as soon as the treatment is complete.
  • A full consultation – a good clinic will ensure that you get a full consultation which takes you from enquiry to completion. You will be fully advised before you go in and you will be guided on aftercare.
  • Long lasting results – some people never have to return for laser teeth whitening again but the results are said to last up to 2 years.
  • Clinic near you – there are more and more cosmetic dentists in the UK today so you don’t have to live in LA to have a celebrity smile, making the treatment so much more accessible for all.

Disadvantages of Laser Teeth Whitening

No cosmetic treatment is without its disadvantages. Here are a few things to bear in mind if you are considering laser teeth whitening for the first time.

  • Expensive – like most cosmetic treatments, teeth whitening treatments are not cheap. This is a very advanced and modern way to whitening your teeth and you will be treated by experts so there is a cost attached to a Hollywood smile. However, with more and more treatment centres in the UK, you’re sure to find some great offers near you.
  • Tooth sensitivity – some people report sensitivity in their teeth after getting the treatment done. Often this feeling will subside after a while and your dentist should be able to advise you on looking after your teeth in the first week after your treatment.
  • Repeat treatments – although some people don’t feel the need to return for a second treatment years on, the laser whitening results are said to last up to 2 years. This could turn into expensive maintenance over the years for those who crave a consistently beautiful smile.

Here are the pros and cons of today’s modern laser teeth whitening treatment. Before you go ahead with your treatment, make sure you speak to your dentist about all the options, prices and what you expect to achieve. A good dentist will offer you a consultation to discuss everything with you, including how the procedure will work.

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