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How A Little Time Outdoors Can Change Your Outlook On Life

How much time do you usually spend outside, in nature, actually enjoying it? Not just walking from your car to your office, or taking the dog outside for a quick bathroom break, but actually time spent outside, breathing the air and looking around? There are many reasons that you should be getting outside.


The Sun

One of the best, and most important, reasons to get outside is to get some natural sunlight. You may not know it, but the sunlight bathing your bare skin is the best way for your body to get the vitamin D it needs. Just 15 minutes a day in the sunlight is enough.

While you can find food fortified with vitamin D, or take a supplement, time in the sun is your best bet. So, that is just one good reason to get outdoors, take a walk, go to the beach (if the season permits), or simply sit outside in your yard and read a book to relax. You can even step it up a notch, strap on your hiking backpack and hit the trails. Hiking does not only sculpt your body, but it is also a powerful cardio workout.

The Air

The air inside your home or office can get stagnant. If it’s during colder months and you haven’t been opening windows to air out your home, just getting outside for a fresh breath of air can be like heaven. Why not spend some time outdoors and give your lungs a nice clearing session.

You’ll get more pure oxygen in every breathe. Spend some time meditating outdoors. Your deep breathes for relaxation will be full of pure, clean, calming air, straight from nature.

The Beauty

One of the best times of the year to enjoy the beauty of nature is during the spring. At this time you can see all of the beautiful flowers in bloom and see the buds and flowers on flowering trees, like magnolias. It’s a beautiful sight to see and it can really put a smile on your face, no matter how bad of a day you are having.

Maybe you could take up gardening, right in our own yard, and add to the beauty you see every time you step outside.

The Serenity

Stress Free Zone

A hike in the peaceful forest, on a quiet mountain, or even through a bustling town (for some people) can be full of peace and serenity. It’s like a moving meditation as you clear your mind and take in all of the nature and beauty around you. Even if you want to sit, meditating in the great outdoors can be extremely therapeutic.

Many people find that simple things like feeding birds, sitting on a park bench, or reading under a tree are the best ways to fight things like stress and depression. Maybe if more people spent some time in the serenity of nature there would be more happy people!

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