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What Makes Neuropathy Flare Up?

Neuropathy is a condition that affects an individual’s nerves: in this case, the peripheral nervous system.To start our discussion, we need to understand that the nervous system comprises of two sections: the central and the peripheral nervous system.

Because we are giving focus to the peripheral nerves, they are the nerves that branch away to other parts of your body from the spinal cord. Now, neuropathy affects the nerves located in these areas.

The condition comes with various symptoms and effects that many patients will have to endure. For instance, the patients may experience weakness in the affected muscles or a tingling effect when walking or touching anything with his or her hands.

Neuropathy can hide in your body for years. On the other hand, certain factors can make the disease explode. Here are some of the things that could exaggerate the condition.

  1. Underlying health conditions

Most of the nerve infections arise from underlying diseases within your body. One of the most common illnesses that many practitioners mention is diabetes.

What is the relation between diabetes and neuropathy? You may ask. Well, sugar within your body heads up to the nerves and closes them up. Therefore, it reduces the nerves response on signals, which causes pain to the affected part of the body.

Additionally, patients undergoing cancer treatment will start experiencing pain straight after chemotherapy. Note that infections and autoimmune disorders will also bring in nerve infections.

  1. Bad lifestyle choices

When we are talking about lifestyle, the topic usually is extensive. Today, one of the most complicated factors that increase neuropathy is diet.

Your doctor advises that you consume the appropriate diets, especially when you have certain health conditions. Not feeding correctly, which brings in malnutrition and other deficiencies, will cause nerve conditions to flare up.

Bad diet (which is also a huge contributor to the disease) can also come in because of stress, any amount of trauma, or drug abuse (especially alcohol abuse). Make sure that you avoid strenuous tasks, and always exercise even as you age.

  1. Improper medication

As you age, you will notice that your nerves become sensitive; thus, you require immediate attention because ignoring it can bring in significant pain that are challenging and expensive to handle.

When you visit the doctor, he or she will recommend that you take certain drugs. Improper medication escalates the condition. Be sure that you will find many types of medicines within the market; however, you should not trust any of them, especially if you are new to the market.

Scrutinize the drug on the internet until you are confident about it. Besides research, consult your doctor before you buy any medicine.


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