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Making Liquid Aminos A Part Of Daily Diet – The Benefits

What Is Liquid Aminos

For over a century, Bragg Live Food Ins. Has been producing food that is healthy to consume and could satisfy your taste buds as well.

Liquid aminos Australia is a Bragg’s liquid soy seasoning product that is produced to replace the use of soy sauce and its ill-effects on our health.

Soy sauce has been used in every household since ages and people love it for its taste and food seasoning applications but people aren’t aware of the bad effects on the excess use of soy sauce in your diet. You can easily protect your family from the drawback of using soy sauce through replacing it with liquid aminos.

How Is It Different?

It serves major benefits to the Vegans, the food that vegan consumes lacks amino acid profiling. Amino acid profiling is a key deciding factor on how the food product is going to affect your body, for example, soy protein’s amino profile helps in enhancing the body’s cardiovascular capabilities and Whey protein is known for its muscle growth capabilities.

The biggest disadvantage of vegan food is they lack in amino acid profiling and because of the incomplete acid profile, these food sources could not help in body development.

Liquid amino contains 16 out of 20 amino acid profiles, which mean you got the solution to your incomplete amino acid profile and your food will be healthier.

Additionally, liquid amino is prepared with the organic process, they don’t include any wheat products to the liquid amino is gluten-free, they don’t contain any preservative and have only 6% sodium contents.


Suggested usage

If you are looking to add more muscle endurance and strength then you should definitely include this in your diet, but how you are going to do that? Here are the ways you can include liquid aminos in your diet-

–    Us it in salad dressing

–    Drizzling overcooked vegetables for a healthy seasoning

–    Add some liquid aminos for chicken, fish or meat marinating


Benefits of liquid aminos

Benefits of the liquid aminos can be many, although we consume soy sauce in very limited amount, it’s better to include only healthy options in the daily diet.

Healthy soy sauce replacement

Soy sauce is not so good for health due to a number of reasons, because of the high sodium content and genetically modified ingredients. Liquid amino has proven itself as a healthy substitute.

Liquid aminos is made of soybeans which are not genetically treated and without the additional table salt, monosodium glutamate, preservatives or gluten that is common ingredients of any other soy sauce.  

Gluten free

Many people suffer from gluten intolerance and Gluten intolerance is associated with many symptoms, such as nausea, diarrhea, rashes, depression, etc.

Since most of the soy sauce products are contains wheat products and genetically modified substances. Liquid amino is prepared with only organic and without genetically modified soy.

Low in sodium

We all are aware of the side effects of high in sodium diet and many health conditions require excluding excess sodium content in the diet. Are you aware of the fact that most of the soy products contain 35-40 % of sodium, that high percentage of sodium can have many bad effects on health?

Liquid aminos is highly preferred within the community of professional athlete due to its low sodium content since they are very conscious about the food they consume. High sodium diet leads to following problems:

  • Water retention
  • Bloating
  • Weight gain
  • High blood pressure

So if you are trying to save yourself from these problems you should start thinking about your sodium consumption.  

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