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Micro-pigmentation of scalp

While there are many options available for treating hair loss and baldness, scalp micro-pigmentation can be a more suitable alternative in some circumstances.


What is kopfhaut pigmentierung?


scalp pigmentation

As the name suggests, it is a procedure in which small amounts of pigment are placed strategically on the scalp to give the appearance of a normal shaven scalp with hair stubble. It is also sometimes useful to cover small areas of hair thinning, so that the affected area blends with the rest of the scalp and hair.


What is the procedure involved in kopfhaut pigmentierung?


*It is an office procedure. Usually no anaesthesia is required. Sometimes local anesthesia can be given if needed.*Small punctures are made in the scalp of the size of normal hair follicle and pigment is introduced.
*Usually it takes about 2-3 sessions to complete the treatment.


How is kopfhaut pigmentierung different from tattooing?

While the basic principle of camouflage through pigment is same, there are some major differences.
*The dye introduced is not ink-based, but organic and non-allergic in nature.*It is performed under aseptic conditions to minimize infections.
*The dye is introduced in the superficial layer of the scalp.
*The color can be matched to existing color of hair.
*There is no bleeding of color as can happen in a tattoo.
*As the color of your hair changes, adjustments can be made to make it look more natural.
* The process is reversible in case for some reason you decide later that you do not want it.


Will kopfhaut pigmentierung be suitable for you?


It will be in all likelihood if you have– baldness2.Not enough donor area and hence cannot have a hair transplant.
3.You only have visible thinning of hair but no baldness as yet. Micropigmentation can give a fuller appearance of the scalp.
4. If you have scars which need to be concealed.
While these are broadly some situations where scalp micro-pigmentation is useful, a specialist can give you the right advice after examining your specific condition.
When will you notice the results? They are noticeable after the first session itself. However, any adjustments and corrections required can be done at subsequent sessions.

When can you get back to normal activity? This can be done from the same day as the procedure. Usually any pain of the procedure will subside in a few minutes. Normal daily activities can be undertaken from the same day. However, you will need to take some simple precautions to protect the scalp for a few days, lik avoiding excessive sweating, avoiding a shampoo and so on.

Is scalp micro-pigmentation for everyone? Anybody, irrespective of age and sex can get it done. The person has to be a suitable candidate for the procedure who will derive benefit from it. This can only be decided by the doctor after examination.

There are however, certain medical conditions in which you may need to avoid getting it done like Diabetes, history of blood clots, bleeding disorders, some infections and so on. These should be discussed fully with your doctor before deciding on the procedure.

Baldness is a condition which can cause immense stress and low self-esteem in the affected person. Scalp micro-pigmentation seems to have more advantages than otherwise, and is fast emerging as a relatively simple and socially acceptable alternative for treating baldness.

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