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Orthodontic Treatment while Pregnant


Definition of orthodontic treatment

Orthodontic treatment is defined as a way of moving teeth in order to boost the appearance and working of your teeth. This treatment will assist you monitor the health of your teeth, jaws and gums over a long period of time. It works by distributing the biting pressure throughout your teeth. Orthodontic treatment is really important because helps straighten or move the teeth of a pregnant woman to a better position to ease their cleanliness and the way they bite each other.

Hormonal changes during pregnancy

Pregnant women normally experience new motherhood during few months of their pregnancy. This is why they are advised not to do many tasks and take specific types of medicine and eat certain meals. However, pregnant women have every reason to undergo orthodontic treatment. This is because the treatment is safe when all the precautions are observed. Hormonal changes during pregnancy increases the possibility of sore gums, swollen legs and irritation of gums. These hormonal changes can also alter orthodontic teeth movement. If a patient is pregnant and develops some braces, it is very crucial for her to see an orthodontist.


The need for orthodontic treatment during pregnancy

Before beginning orthodontic therapy, a thorough medical history for pregnant mothers is very critical. It is also necessary to obtain opinion of gynecologist especially when a known complication is suspected. It is also very crucial for an orthodontist to get to know your current medication history because some medicines have oral side effects which can alter the effectiveness of orthodontic therapy. Some drugs like hormone supplements, vitamin D metabolites and anti-inflammatory drugs can cause the movement of tooth to decrease during orthodontic therapy. The orthodontist is required to know in advance the past medical conditions of the pregnant woman like diabetes mellitus or past pregnancy complications before initiating orthodontic treatment.

Gingivitis is actually caused by mostly by known local and systemic factors. Things like poor oral hygiene and pregnancy can cause severe inflammation which may continue to periodontal condition in a pregnant woman receiving orthodontic therapy. As a matter of fact, orthodontic appliances can play a role of a potential plaque retentive which are seen during pregnancy. Dr. Bach’s private practice states that patients who have same personality characteristics often have similar response in terms of treatment while those with different characteristics will command different treatment. In this case, most pregnant women need orthodontic treatment because they have almost similar feelings in the course of their pregnancy.


What orthodontic treatment entails

Orthodontic treatment in pregnant women involves taking a full examination of your teeth. This will normally involve checking at your teeth, doing x-rays and forming plaster models of the teeth. Your orthodontist will then advise you the possible treatment. When the pregnant woman is sure to proceed, the treatment can commence as soon as possible and you will have sufficient permanent teeth. Remember, orthodontic treatment is performed by several sorts of appliances that many people refer to a brace. In some cases, delicate elastic band will be attached to a fixed brace in order to assist in moving the teeth. In addition, the severe of the treatment determines its length.

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