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Protein – The Most Important Nutrient For Weight Loss

512px-Protein_(1)-1A few months ago everyone was going crazy about the low-carb diets and the truth is that they were great because they taught us a lot about the importance of using protein and even protein supplements. However, this does not mean that the topic of weight loss is properly understood. Unfortunately, there are still so many out there that do not actually understand how important protein is for weight loss purposes.

Most women nowadays remain focused on counting calories, which is highly effective. The problem is that this method does not actually prioritize the use of protein, which is actually really important. The people that want to lose weight usually believe that protein rich foods are too high in calories and that they will end up gaining weight. This misconception appeared as proteins do have higher calories when compared with veggies and fruits.

Unfortunately, around 33% of women between the ages of twenty and forty do not receive the recommended protein dose that the body needs on a daily basis. This is worrisome since lack of protein in the human body can lead towards many problems. We see a growth in the number of well-known nutritionists that believe current dietary guidelines for protein are low.

Why Is Protein So Important?

The high-protein foods will always take more time and work to metabolize, use and digest. This basically means that you end up burning more as the body processes protein. At the same time, they will spend more time in the stomach so you can feel fuller sooner. Every person that is currently attentive about his/her wait can benefit for this.

It was shown that the dieters that are willing to increase protein intake to around 30% of the diet will naturally eat 450 fewer calories. They tend to lose around eleven pounds over 3 months without the use of other dietary modifications.

Protein is really important for the human body since it will help you to lose fat instead of muscle mass. The body will use protein amino acids in order to build muscle mass. That makes the body stronger and toned while eliminating calories while not being active. The metabolism is basically accelerated, allowing you to burn those extra calories that you cannot burn through working out.

Are You Consuming Enough Protein?

Experts say that you should consume up to 1 gram of protein for every single body weight pound. If you weigh 140 pounds, it means that you need up to 140 grams. In the event that you want to lose weight, do try to go as high as possible.

We recommend that you try to consume around 30 protein grams during breakfast. That is because the body basically fasts during the night so the body does not have energy. It is possible for the muscle tissue to be used as energy source. In the event that protein stores are not replenished, you will have problems. At the same time, it should be mentioned that protein rich breakfasts do regulate the appetite all throughout the day.

BikurimSRemember that vegetarians will find it more difficult to consume the amount of protein that is necessary. You can opt for complete proteins like hemp seeds, quinoa, buckwheat and tofu but it is hard to get these foods all the time. If you are a vegetarian, you should seriously consider using protein supplements since the body may need that in order to lose weight as fast as possible.

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