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How To Treat Melasma And Keep It From Coming Back

Melasma is a common skin condition caused by the formation of light to dark brown pigmentations on the skin’s surface. This is harmless in nature; however, it can cause cosmetic-related problems including the loss of confidence and personality deformation. The patches are usually found in pregnant women so it is otherwise known as “mask of […]

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Tooth Sensitivity: Causes & Treatment

How many times have you had to pass up your favorite ice cream or that morning cup of coffee, because you knew that it would hurt your teeth? Well, you need to know that you are not alone, as millions of people suffer from this same condition everyday. With that being said, sensitive teeth don’t […]

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5 Things You Can Learn from Koreans about Skincare

It’s a fact that many Korean brands like CELLBN have taken the center stage of the skincare and anti-aging scene in the past few years. There’s a myriad of reasons for this, but one contributing factor is that the Korean beauty routine is focused on improving the quality of one’s skin. This idea was warmly […]

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10 Tips to keep your skin healthy in the spring season

Britons around the nation are excited for spring after the chilly and torturous winter season. But are our skins ready too? Change in temperatures can cause the capillaries in our skin to contract and expand unusually which requires care and attention. Humidity takes a gradual but upward trend in the spring and our skin must […]

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How To Maintain An Evenly Balanced Complexion And Knock Out Sun Spots

We all love being out in the sun, but over the years, the powerful UVA/UVB rays take their toll on our faces and bodies. We end up with pigment issues and sun spots, giving us an uneven complexion that is frustrating in trying to conquer. As time marches on, these common conditions get worse, unless […]

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A Guide to Silky Skin: Top Tips for a Healthy Complexion

Great skin comes to those who take care of it. At the end of the day, it’s our body’s first wall of protection against the evil outside, so take care of it we should. If you’re wondering exactly how to take care of the layer that safeguards our souls, then you’re in the right place. […]

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New Year, New You!

The start of the New Year is the best time to introduce new routines, as the saying goes “New Year, new you” … Whilst a lot of people might not need to have a complete overhaul of their routines, certain things like their sleeping patterns, skincare routine and eating patterns could do with a check-up; […]

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10 tips for caring for your skin

Our skin is hugely durable. It has to be able to cope with exposure to sunlight, cold air and water, and it can deal with rubbing against clothing and handling various types of materials. It is little surprise, therefore, that our skin isn’t always perfect. This is always going to be the case to some […]

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Taking Care of Your Skin in the Florida Sun

The strong Florida sun can feel great on your body, but it can also wreak havoc on your skin. The sun can help you feel great, filling your body with much-needed Vitamin D,  and it can improve your mood and increase the ability to fight off infection. There are downsides, however, to the Florida sun. These include: wrinkles, […]

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Easy steps to perfect skin

Even if you believe beauty is not just skin deep, that does not mean it’s not important to look after your skin. People notice good skin, especially on the face; in addition, radiating health and positive energy on the outside usually helps us feel rosier on the inside as well. While exercising, sleeping and eating […]

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