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Smart Ways to Prevent Foot Pain

Walking too much may lead to foot pain or injuries. Some of the factors that cause foot pain include the Achilles tendonitis for those who are involved in sports; it could be caused by arthritis, bone dislocation or a torn ligaments. Although it is not easy to evade some of the listed causes of foot pain, there are ways that you can incorporate to prevent some of the standard foot pain.

Here are smart ways to prevent foot pain:

Maintain your weight

The feet support and carry all your weight. And if you gain more weight this will affect your feet since the pressure would be too much to bear. The only solution to protect your feet from straining is by ensuring that your weight is maintained at the right BMI. Try various exercises that don’t involve your feet a lot if they are still in pain when you are working out. Some of these practices are swimming or even walking.

Stretch your feet

Stretching your feet especially for older people helps prevent the development of foot pain. As you grow old, the feet curve muscles tend to be dormant and tighten, therefore all the weight moves to the balls of the feet, and this causes the balls to strain when you are walking. Find some of the exercises that help stretch and flex these parts of the feet. Note that these activities should involve the lower part of your feet.

Wear good fitting shoes

Choosing a shoe that fits well prevents your feet from developing feet problems like blisters and bunions. A well fitting shoe should not be too tight or too large. Note that wearing a shoe that does not fit well alters your walking style and it may cause your feet to twist and develop an injury. A good fitting shoe should also support the ankle.

Wear comfortable shoes

This is essential for women. Wearing high heels for long hours may cause foot pain especially if you are standing for long or walking a long distance. The heels make the muscles of your feet to strain and sometimes may damage your ligaments. If you have to wear high heels, make sure they are of a relative height that is comfortable. You can wear shoes that have kitten heel or carry an extra pair of flat shoes to wear in the case where you feel your feet are tired. Check at to see some of the best flat official shoes to buy.

Eat healthy diets and stay hydrated

Your feet are part of your body, and therefore you need to take care of your diet. The food you eat supplies the body with various nutrients that strengthen your feet mainly if you are engaged in sports, or you love to workout. Water, on the other hand, helps the feet to stay hydrated hence preventing them from developing feet cramps which can be painful.

Keep your feet protected and free from developing various pain by following the above tips. Avoid straining your feet especially when working out or running. Do not overwork your feet as it may result in an injury or cause severe pain to your feet.

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