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Support Your Sobriety By Making Active Lifestyle Choices

Sobriety is a choice you make at the start of each day. Recovery begins with the courage to acknowledge your capacity for this decision and to carry it out one day at a time. Many people living a sober lifestyle find it beneficial to explore new behavior choices that will support their overall goals. Physical activity can be a powerful tool in your sobriety kit and it this behavior habit has a lot to recommend it. Not only can it provide authentic feelings of accomplishment, happiness, and satisfaction, it can form the foundation of new lifestyle choices that prioritize the recovery of your whole self.

Changing Habits One Day at a Time

No matter where you are on the road to recovery, you might be surprised to discover just how much time was taken up with the maintenance of those old behaviors. People in recovery sometimes feel lost in the midst of a daily schedule that looks radically different. Organizing time effectively and constructively is an important habit of sobriety, so having some time-use strategies at hand is important. In short, it is helpful to have new habits and new behaviors to explore in order to avoid falling back into old ones.

The Benefits of Active Habits

Not only can active habits help structure your time in a positive way, these activities have many beneficial outcomes. For instance:

• Exercise and constructive physical activity can help purge the body of toxins accumulated through substance use

• You can start to regain a sense of control over your life

• Self-esteem receives a big boost from making positive choices again and again

• Exploring physical activity in a group can put you in contact with people who have similar lifestyle priorities

• You can gain all the physical benefits that come from living an active lifestyle; you will feel stronger, healthier, and more capable of future activity

Getting Started With Active Habits

There are many easy physical activities that require no special equipment or experience to try out. A comfortable pair of running shoes is all that is required for speedwalking or jogging through the park. Walking the dog or going for an evening stroll with a friend is a good way to get out of out the house and get the blood moving a bit. Look for a beginner’s aerobics DVD from the public library or see if there are any guided fitness routines available from your favorite online video streaming service. You can find many free fitness playlists on popular video sharing websites, too.

Before long, you will want to increase the duration or frequency of your preferred activities. This is a good sign that your new habits are becoming a normal part of your life. You are already seeing many of the benefits that come from being active. Consider branching out and trying new activities. Enjoying a diversity of healthy physical activities is an important part of comprehensive physical health.

Thanks to the healthy choices you make each day, you will start to feel happier, more confident, and more successful in your recovery. Cultivating an active lifestyle will help you stick to your commitment to sobriety.

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