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Top 10 Light Beers for Health Conscious Ladies

beersOver the past few years, light beers have risen in popularity across the globe. Here’s a rundown of the top 10 light beers for health conscious ladies:

1. Bud Light

Bud Light is the world’s biggest selling light beer. At only 110 calories per serving, it’s an excellent choice for those who need to shed a few pounds. It’s not the most full-bodied of the light beers contained within this list, so it’s best for people who prefer subtle beers without the intense flavour.

2. Coors Light

With just 104 calories per bottle and an ABV of 5%, Coors Light is one of the best light beers, on paper. It’s produced in Golden, Colorado, and has a special label that lets you know when your beer is cold enough, by changing colour!

3. Guinness Blonde

One of the top choices when it comes to light beer is the latest offering from Guinness – the Guinness Blonde, an American-style lager. It’s the first beer to be released from the new Guinness Discovery Series, fusing their traditional Irish brewing methods with American hops. The result is a full-flavoured light beer that’s set to take the market by storm.

4. Michelob Light

Michelob Light is another light beer that doesn’t sacrifice the flavour. It keeps the calorie and carb content low, whilst ensuring a classic, well balanced and rich taste, with a distinctive malty palate.

5. Molson Canadian 67

This premium lager has been developed by the team at Molson to have only 67 calories, without forfeiting the flavour. Molson pride themselves on using only the highest quality natural ingredients, with no unnecessary preservatives. An excellent choice for the health conscious!

6. Old Golden Hen

The Old Golden Hen is the light offering from Greene King, the team behind the classic Old Speckled Hen range in the UK. The beer has been developed with a refreshing, fruity taste, and is perfect for those who prefer something a little lighter than their traditional ale.

7. Sam Adams Light

Sam Adams is a popular American lager, produced by the Boston Beer Company. It’s a neutral beer, with a light and refreshing flavour, featuring subtle undertones of malt and caramel. It was developed over the course of two years, as the team behind the beer wanted to create something unique and tasty, not just a lighter spin-off of their conventional beer.

8. Amstel Light

Amstel light is one of the best light beers to come from the European market. Brewed in Amsterdam, a bottle contains only 95 calories – 35% less than Amstel’s classic brew. If you enjoy hoppy beers, this is one of the better lighter choices available.

9. Dixie Jazz

Dixie Jazz is a heavily carbonated, light beer with a deep orange hue. It has a rich aroma, and a sweet fruity flavour with a hint of apple and caramel. It lacks the bitterness of some of the alternatives, so is the perfect choice for those who prefer light, fruity beers.

10. Mehr’s Leicht

Mehr’s Leicht is Germany’s favourite light beer. It boasts lower calories than Bud Light, but more flavour. It’s pretty low in terms of alcohol, at only 2.8%, but it’s a fantastic beer for the health conscious beer enthusiast, without compromising on the taste.

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