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The True Cost Of DUI In The Health Care System

Most drivers prioritize their safety, which is why they make sure to get through the day without any alcohol consumption. They are highly aware of the unfortunate consequences of consuming even just one bottle or two of alcoholic drinks once they drive. Unfortunately, there are some drivers who brag and contend they can still function normally even after drinking lavishing amounts of alcohol. Legal implications of DUI may even extend to greater aspects of someone’s life, especially if the person caught was a teenager. You may click here to know more about this issue.

Sadly, there is no escaping to it. As you may know, it is against the law to drive while drunk. Also, if you do so, you can be charged with DUI, or driving under the influence of alcohol. Besides that, the true cost of getting DUI charges is far beyond the healthcare system.

3 Facts On The True Cost of DUI in Healthcare Systems

You may be surprised to know that a consumption of one glass or bottle of alcohol before getting behind the wheel and driving your vehicle may well be the most expensive drink you will have in your whole life. Meanwhile, there are a few costs that may result from driving under influence. In fact, the health care system will cost you the highest. You may not care much about this, but here are 3 true costs of a DUI in the healthcare system.

Emergency Medical Services are Funded by Taxpayers’ Money

One may consider him/herself lucky if they or no one else in the care was injured while drunk driving despite getting charged with DUI. On the other hand, a few drunk drivers unwittingly cause physical harm to themselves and others. This also includes causing an accident on the road with some people who are just walking.

  • Anyone who is within the accident caused by a driver can report the incident immediately to an emergency medical services team.
  • Public funds are being used up whenever an emergency medical services team responds to a situation implying an accident due to DUI. Furthermore, the costs could have been prevented if the driver never consumed any amount of alcohol.

Public Health Insurance has You Covered if You Have Been Admitted to a Public Hospital After Enduring Injuries From Your Driving Under Influence

The possibility of a driver getting injured while drunk isoften high enough because they are not in total control of their vehicle. They may even find themselves being inside an ambulance on its way to the closest public hospital.

  • The public health insurance covers any medical costs one may be charged with from hospital bills. Hospital bills include alcohol rehabilitation and treatment of any injuries a driver will receive.
  • However, some casualties prefer to choose their doctor and receive the kind of treatment they want. If they decide to transfer to a private hospital, then they will have to use private health insurance to cover the medical expenses from a private healthcare.

A Private Health Insurance Provider May Deny Any Claims of Personal Injury Which You Will Submit to Them on Grounds of Consuming Alcohol

A few private health insurance providers are willing to cover medical costs from a DUI. But, the costs must be within their coverage amount. Unfortunately, there are also some private health insurance that may not do the same, especially if they are bound by the state’s alcohol exclusion laws.

  • In fact, some states observe alcohol exclusion laws which allow insurance companies to deny any alcohol related claims.
  • The driver charged with DUI of alcohol may have to pay all of their medical expenses. This arises from admission to a private hospital and paying all costs which may set them back financially. This would not have been a problem if they did not do the terrible mistake of drunk driving.


Indeed, taking a bottle or two can change your night into a disaster of a lifetime. Alcohol impairs your driving skills and the percentage of your blood alcohol concentration becomes equal to or greater than the standard legal limit of 0.08%. Not only facing the possibility of imprisonment and paying steep fines are the consequences. The costs of DUI offense go further than a personal liability. Also, it brings negative effects on health-related services. Therefore, you may want to think twice about having that bottle of alcohol. Instead, you must further understand the true costs of DUI in the healthcare system and think twice on spending so much money on getting wasted.

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