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Understanding Posturepedic Science

Having a good night’s sleep can have a huge impact on how our day unfolds. After all, if you’ve not slept well, you’re likely to be extra tired and even irritable the next day. Sleep is a biological necessity; it has been said that we could survive three times as long without food as we could without sleep. Animal research has even discovered that it may be possible to die from sleep deprivation.

What’s more, sleep is one of life’s pleasures; we all love getting in bed after a long day! However, it’s important to make sure you have created the optimum sleep environment to ensure you get a great night’s sleep without fail. There are a number of factors that can affect both the quantity and quality of sleep you’re getting every night. From turning off electronics to eating the right diet, your sleep is affected by a whole host of things.

To achieve a better night’s sleep, you’d benefit from understanding the sleep behind science and the technology that goes into your bed and mattress, as all of them have an impact.

How can sleep benefit your body


Sleep is essential for evolutionary functions as well as making sure you can function on a day-to-day basis. Sleep activates the healing process for your body and gives your brain a chance to carry out maintenance such as data processing and archiving.

Sleep can also strengthen your immune system and re-hydrate your spinal discs; it’s the perfect time for your body to carry out checks and ensure you are rested properly! What’s more, sleep is the only time that children and teenagers grow; growth hormones are only released when we are asleep.

So, before you decide to stay up all night watching Netflix, you may want to consider how many hours of sleep you’re getting each night!

Choosing the right bed

Posturepedic science, as developed by leading bed manufacturer Sealy, has resulted in a choice of beds that create an optimum sleep environment. After all, choosing the right bed is the most important part of helping you to maintain continuous good sleep. It’s often suggested that if you’re tossing and turning a lot, it’s time to replace your mattress.

Posturepedic mattresses support your body in order to let you drift off to sleep easily, as well as staying asleep through the night. Zonal support means that the mattress is firmer in areas where support is needed, such as the lumbar region, and softer in other areas like your shoulders and hips. This approach to mattresses means that your spine is aligned and relief is given to your pressure points.

Making sure you have the right mattress is crucial; it’s actually even more important than exercise and diet! Bad quality of sleep can impact your health in the long run, so it’s important that you put the time and effort into trying out different mattresses to find the one that fits your sleep style.

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