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Vaping 101: A Simple Guide

Welcome to our simple guide to help you make the switch to vaping! Vaping devices can seem intimidating at first but are quite simple once you understand a few fundamentals. Electronic Cigarettes (E-Cigs) and vaping devices are primarily the same thing and can be broken down into two components;

  1. The power unit holding the battery
  2. The tank which contains and vaporises the E-liquid.

All vaping devices work using the same process. Inside the tank, which contains the E-liquid, is the atomiser. The atomiser is where the action happens. Inside the atomiser is a small heating coil above which is a steel wick or in a few cases, two wicks. This steel cord lengthens into the cartridge and is the part that draws the juice or e-liquid towards the heating coil, hence creating vapor.


By TBEC Review CC BY 2.0 () via Wikimedia Commons


The first generation of vaping devices are known as cigalikes because they look like a real cigarette. They comprise of a small lithium battery and a non-refillable tank, which holds the E-liquid, and is mostly referred to as a cartomiser. As the technology advanced to meet the demand for higher performance, the outlook and feel of these devices changed notably. The most recent generation of vaping devices offer a customisable and superior vaping experience.

All starter kits come with a USB charger and options for a wall adapter. Therefore, it is critical to check your user manual to use the correct USB charger and wall adapter to charge your vaping device.


Batteries come in various sizes, ranging from 400 milliamps up to about 1300. The higher the milliamp, the more charge your battery will clench, and the longer it will last. The more cutting-edge batteries enable you to control the power output, and higher power output means the coil will get hotter. Also, it will have an effect on the temperature, vapour production, the throat hit, as well as the flavour.

However, when considering the size of your vaping setup, always remember that larger capacity batteries are also larger in size. Cigalikes usually last around 200 puffs, and the ego battery lasts up to 600 puffs and depends on the size you choose. For a typical vaper that means anywhere between 4 and 10 hours of vaping.


The primary advantage of a refillable tank is its better-quality atomiser. It offers better vapour production and an enhanced flavour. Also, the larger capacity of about 1.6 ml means that the typical vaper could use the device all day without running out of E-liquid. Moreover, these tanks are called clearomisers because they are clear and allow you to see how much e-liquid is left. Furthermore, the range of e-liquids available for refillable tanks is far greater than cigalikes which offer a limited variety of flavours and nicotine strengths.

The simple clearomisers are disposable and can last anywhere between two to six weeks before the performance of the coil starts deteriorating, and require tank replacement. The basic kits are a great way for you to get into vaping since these kits are economical and do a better job than cigalikes. However, eventually you would need a stronger throat hit or more airflow, which will interest you into more advanced vaping.


It is understandable for a beginner to be overwhelmed by the huge selection of e-liquids available to fill the vaping device. There are many e-liquid suppliers, from local shops to online retail stores who specialise in all things vape-related. If you’re looking for the best e liquid flavours, I’d recommend the VapersWAREHOUSE collection of flavours as they offer something for everyone and are also TPD compliant, meaning you can trust that their e liquid flavours follow the law. Once you’ve chosen your e liquid store, you can choose your flavour.

Choosing the right E-Liquid Flavour;

  1. Buy only from trusted brands

It is crucial not to fall for the lure of cheap Chinese e liquids with handwritten labels from eBay, and stick only to TPD compliant E-liquids.

  1. Do not choose more than required nicotine

Firstly, do not use nicotine if you don’t need it. There is no point of doing it because nicotine is a highly addictive substance, and if you are into vaping to quit smoking, then liquids with 0 mg/ml of nicotine are your thing. It is better to start with 8 or 12 mg/ml being a beginner and, if possible, do not get accustomed to the throat hit.

  1. Pay attention to PG/VG ratio

The propylene glycol content and vegetable glycerin of e liquid are both associated with throat hit and cloud production. However, juices high in VG typically have a muted taste, while high PG content (80% or more) results in some harshness in the flavour. It is proven that the optimal flavor is achieved in groupings ranging from 70% PG/30% VG to 50% VG/ 50% VG.

  1. Do not be conservative about flavors

There’s a key-term out there, ‘vapers tongue’ which describes your familiarity to a particular e-liquid flavour and gradually losing the ability to taste it completely over time. Therefore for vapers, it is admissible not to stick with a single flavor, and if possible, choose a variety of the best e liquid flavours every time you purchase your e-liquid. Moreover, do not be afraid to mix them, or try out some new exotic and uncommon tastes.

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