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Vaping vs. Smoking – Which One is Safer One?

You might be worried about your abnormal smoking habit, and you would have decided to quit it. But you can you do it quickly? Yes, you might be thinking about e-cigarettes which are quite popular these days among the smokers who want to quit smoking. Well, the idea of switching to vaping from smoking is not bad at all, but you must read about the health facts before you switch.

Vape pens or the electronic cigarettes are still new to the market so still there is lack of health-related information about vape pens. Vape pen uses eliquid to create vapors or smoke. An eliquid is the liquid concentration of nicotine and some other substances. How much it is injurious to health is not yet decided, but reports have concluded that vaping is way less harmful than smoking. Here we will try to tell you the facts and technical information as well so that you may think before you switch.

Twenty Major Causes of Cancer

When a person smokes are a cigarette, combustion of tobacco results in thousands of chemicals. Most of these chemicals are very harmful to the health, but alarming fact is that out of these thousand, more than twenty chemicals are in the list of major causes of different types of cancers. So while smoking a cigarette, you are giving twenty plus reasons to your body to get infected with cancer. Some of this chemical are listed below:

  • Nicotine – the major substance which is addictive
  • Arsenic – A dangerous poison for living objects
  • Carbon Monoxide – A Gas which can kill in seconds
  • Ammonia
  • Hydrogen Cyanide – One of famous poison
  • Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons
  • Formaldehyde
  • Nitrosamines
  • Benzene
  • Lead

These are just a few but popular chemicals out of twenty dangerous chemicals which you intake while smoking. Common cancers which can be invited by this chemical are Lung cancer, mouth cancer, Blood cancer and hearth issues as well. So, next time you smoke, just for a while think before you inhale.

Now when we talk about vaping an eliquid, there are not thousands of chemicals but very few. And out of twenty cancer-causing chemicals, there remain only three, i.e., nicotine with the lower dose than a cigarette, nitrosamines, and acetaldehyde. All other chemicals are food graded chemicals and are not harmful to health.

There might be other chemicals which might be harmful to health, but no reports have yet proved that. So, on a safer side, we can say that switching to vaping can be a good idea for you because vaping an e-liquid is about 95% safer to health than smoking a cigarette. Apart from the harmful chemical, another danger which is attached to vaping is exploding batteries. A lot of cases are reported in various parts of the world where batteries exploded while people were using the vape pens. Almost 25% of explosions resulted from severe injuries to the person who was smoking. Just a couple of life losses were reported as well. If you can avoid, you should try to avoid both but if you are a chain smoker, then switching to vaping is a good idea.

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