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The Various Kinds of Permanent Makeup Colors

Permanent Makeup Colors

Permanent makeup is a new-age solution to all your cosmetic problems. Be it the issue of scanty eyebrows, cracked lips, or uneven skin tone, permanent makeup has all the solutions. This procedure, which is also known as micropigmentation or cosmetic tattooing, makes use of specialized equipment to inject colored pigments under the skin.

In this way, you will look as if you are wearing makeup all the time. The colors will look a bit dark initially, but it will eventually fade of with time to give a more natural and subtle look. Following are the various colors, which are usually used, in permanent makeup.


Black is a color, which is mostly used for doing permanent eye makeup. Be careful while opting for this color as it can tend to fade out your other features. To avoid getting an over the top look, you can ask your cosmetic technician to use the color in a subtle manner. This can be done by drawing thin lines over your eyes, instead of thick and dark ones.


This color is mostly used by people who do not prefer having black color near their eyes. This is especially suited for those with pale skin, as it does not give an overwhelming look, but brings out your eyes instead.


The color pink is used in the micropigmentation procedures that involve the lips and skin. This color can be used to enhance the color of your lips. If you have pale cheeks, pink can help to give it a natural and healthy glow. You can choose from many shades of pink ranging from warm and muted tone to a vibrant hue.

There are many other colors like fluorescent shades and pastel colors, which are used in cosmetic tattooing. Your cosmetic surgeon can also mix various colors to produce a shade you desire. However, before deciding upon any color, make sure that it suits your skin tone perfectly.


It is definitely worth it for you to do due diligence with regards to selecting a color. As the name suggests, permanent makeup is very much a long lasting procedure, so you want to avoid selecting colors that may fall out of fashion quickly. Bear in mind that the impact of your permanent color on other factors, such as hair and eye color. If you forget about these considerations, it may be far too late for you, as permanent makeup correction can be difficult and costly.

A full consultation will help you with avoiding these pitfalls. The consultant will take you through a lot of information regarding your skin and complexion. Your complexion color is determined by the melanin percentage found in your skin. The lower the amount of melanin is present in the lightest complexion. Darker complexions contain more melanin.

This information is very important, particularly if you are here to choose a corrective color. Complexion products contain a blend of ultramarine mineral and iron oxide pigments to produce a huge number of various different skin colors.

JudyLulu is a girl who wants to live in a lipstick jungle. She has recently been exploring permanent makeup techniques, including pigmentation colors.

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