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Key Ways To Help Reduce Your Electronic Cigarette Smoking Habit Slowly


If you’re an electronic cigarette smoker, you may understand that you should probably slow down on the e-cig habit. However, we do understand that sometimes while the thought of quitting is there, actual quitting is hard. This is especially if you’ve come from hard smoking, and now you’re looking at vaping as a substitute. Completely stopping can be hard, but it’s not exactly impossible. Here are some key ways to help reduce your electronic cigarette smoking habit slowly.

Electronic Cigarette Smoking Habit: A Recap

A lot of people choose to do electronic cigarette smoking for a wide variety of reasons. Before trying to reduce vaping habits, it’s important to understand why you’ve done it in the first place, so you can reflect on the kinds of strategies you could use to reduce your electronic cigarette smoking habit.

  • For some, an electronic cigarette habit is their way of meeting this form of “dependency” they had with nicotine, albeit without the actual nicotine itself. Others resort to e-cigs or vaping because conventional smoking is risky, but they also miss the sensation and delivery of nicotine in their system.
  • Others like electronic cigarette smoking because it’s enjoyable. For instance, the wide variety of “juices” add spice to the overall experience.
  • For others, vaping can be a form of “freedom to smoke,” as vaping is much more tolerable in other places than conventional smoking.

Of course, these are just some of the many reasons people may have when it comes to using electronic cigarettes, but understanding these reasons is the key to begin slowly reducing your electronic cigarette smoking habit.

Acknowledge the Need to Stop

Perhaps one of the most important parts of beginning to slow down on your electronic cigarette smoking habit is to start acknowledging why you want to smoke, and why you need to stop. Knowing that there is a need to do affirmative action is a sign that you’re becoming ready to actually move towards achieving a certain goal.

  • This is a good time to join support groups that would allow you to share your stories about an electronic cigarette and why (and how) you would want to work towards slowing down that habit.
  • Talking with a friend, a relative, and even a registered psychiatrist may help you to reflect and find methods on how to slow down your e-cig habit.
  • Try to identify certain “triggers,” or certain places, activities, or actions that would trigger the need to vape. Try to avoid these places or these scenarios, as sometimes you’ve conditioned your mind to do vaping as a ritual in these situations.

Of course, telling ourselves we “have to stop” won’t do anything unless we actually try to reduce our smoking habit. Here are some ways you can try to slowly reduce your smoking habit:

Condition Your Body

Sometimes, it’s all in what we eat and drink alongside our electronic cigarettes that can change a lot of things. For instance, it might be efficient to make good changes in our diet to discourage our body from wanting the taste of e-cigs. You may also want to add some activities to keep you busy when it’s your regular e-cig time, such as washing the dishes after dinner.

  • Try adding more cheese, vegetables, and fruits to your diet and lessen your meat intake. The addition of the former not only can be healthy, but it also makes e-gis less “flavorful.”
  • If you like fizzy drinks, caffeine, and alcohol with your e-cig, then it might be time to go for natural juices and water instead. It’s said that these flavored drinks such as fizzy drinks and even coffee can make e-cigs taste better, so if you’re serious about reducing your e-cig intake, then it might be time to cut the flavorful drinks.
  • You may also want to start being more active with your physique, as the brain can produce chemicals to avoid cravings thanks to physical activity. Not only will you get to slow down on your e-cig intake, you’d get a good body too!

Try Other Products

Another alternative option is to try other products outside electronic cigarette, which some smokers had done with regular cigarettes in the first place. Instead of resorting to another thing to inhale, however, there might be other alternatives available.

  • A method you could try is to use a nicotine gum, which is unfortunately also possessing some degree of nicotine, but is a recommended way of helping smokers reduce their habit. What the gum does is to basically replace the nicotine delivery system into the body, the way e-cigs have done for conventional cigarettes.
  • Other vapers say the gum has helped them quit because it has made the uncomfortable, or if they still have the urge to “puff” smoke with the gum. This method, if used with the above tips, might actually help you reduce your e-cig habit.


Electronic cigarette smoking, popularly known as “vaping,” is a good replacement for cigarette smoking, given it has less risks compared to its counterpart. Other people suggest going for the electronic cigarette option should they want to slowly stop smoking. However, that’s the thing: electronic cigarette is still one step closer into bringing you to quit your smoking habit entirely, but the process is not always easy. The tips above can hopefully show you that reducing your electronic cigarette smoking habit can be done slowly, and is not a one-shot thing to do. Hopefully these tips can get you one step closer to reducing your vaping habits.

Remember, the key here is to find ways to condition your body to stop depending on electronic cigarettes to get satisfaction. This means identifying why you’re smoking, what makes you want to smoke, and finding ways to mitigate, manage, and eventually stop those cravings from happening. The process is a bit slow at first, but once you start this path and not stop, you might actually be able to slow down and even stop your smoking entirely. We hope you like this article from

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