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Barbeques During the Summer Are Making British People Pile on the Pounds

A piece of research recently committed by a leading UK money saving website has been able to demonstrate that the summer months are the worst for putting on weight for the average Briton. This is mainly due to the fact that most people consume excessive amounts of calories duri ng a summer barbeque. Indeed, it […]

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Protein – The Most Important Nutrient For Weight Loss

A few months ago everyone was going crazy about the low-carb diets and the truth is that they were great because they taught us a lot about the importance of using protein and even protein supplements. However, this does not mean that the topic of weight loss is properly understood. Unfortunately, there are still so […]

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Extreme Weight Loss: What to Do When Your Skin Wants to Hang Around

There is no doubt that anyone who manages to lose 50 pounds in weight or more will probably feel pretty good about themselves, but one of the unfortunate rewards for your efforts, is some saggy skin and loose flaps as evidence of your previous size. Here is a look at some of the ways you […]

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5 Tips for Breaking Through A Weight Loss Plateau

There can be few things more frustrating when you’re on a diet than stepping on the scales only to discover you haven’t lost any weight. When you’ve spent all week long eating salad and exercising regularly, discovering that it’s all been for nothing is enough to make many people give up altogether. But before you […]

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Looking For Healthy Weight Loss- Teami Detox Tea Is The Answer

Who doesn’t want to look young, attractive and fit? Well, the entire world is looking for easier and highly effective ways to lose weight detox their bodies and reach their fitness goals. While some go for regular gymming, others may go on crash diets. But are these methods really the answer to the health woes? […]

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Now You Can Look Great Without Breaking a Sweat

Admit it or not people obsess over the way they look physically especially since a lot of it comes from the constant pressure seen on those muscular and sexy bodies seen on models and celebrities. The fact remains though that many of these so called ideal body figures come from blessed genetics as well as […]

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Testosterone Levels Affect Your Weight

Think You Know All About Testosterone? Think Again   The more you age, the higher your chances of getting caught up in a frustrating cycle when it comes to trying to lose weight. I understand what you are thinking, “Its easy to lose my belly, provided I work out frequently”. That is a wonderful idea […]

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5 Easy Ways You Can Keep Fit On A Budget

Keeping fit is something we all aspire to do. Whether it’s because we want to be able to slip into our favourite swimwear on holiday, or if we want to stay healthy and keep our weight down, exercise is a popular past time and part of the daily routine for many of us. For those […]

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3 Top Tips to Shed Those Pounds

It’s time again. The worst part of your week. You feel the tremors kicking in, the sweat pouring down your body. Entering your bathroom, you make your way towards your destination – the weighing scales. Or, as you’ve come to know them, the scales of shame. Indeed, many of us are guilty of overeating junk […]

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