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3 Top Tips to Shed Those Pounds

It’s time again. The worst part of your week. You feel the tremors kicking in, the sweat pouring down your body. Entering your bathroom, you make your way towards your destination – the weighing scales. Or, as you’ve come to know them, the scales of shame. Indeed, many of us are guilty of overeating junk […]

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Expert says that acai berry is like Life from Amazonian Rainforest. The Acai berry is found in the Brazilian Rainforest along the Amazon River basin, and has been found to be one of the most nutritional foods in the world. The fruit of this special palm tree is blended in Acai Berry Singapore, which was […]

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The Hard Work Doesn’t Stop Once You’ve Lost Weight

Unfortunately, too many assume that, once they’ve lost the amount of weight they’ve been working hard to lose, the hard work is over. After month’s of hard work dieting and exercising, the worst thing which could happen is that the pounds start to pile back on, however unless a conscious effort is made to maintain […]

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VelaShape – latest weapon to fight off fat and cellulite

Have you heard about VelaShape? This new technology for removing cellulite has recently been featured on TV shows such as Dr. Phil, the Rachel Ray Show, and the CBS Early Morning Show. With each appearance, the popularity of VelaShape keeps rising, as people realize the benefits that it can provide them. What does VelaShape do? […]

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Great Ways to Get in Shape and Keep the Weight Off

Did you know the average person gains between one and two pounds per year even without overindulging or lack of exercise. So it is little wonder that many of us find our jeans getting a little tighter after a celebration or by avoiding exercise for a few weeks. Thankfully there are so many things you […]

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6 Fat Flushing Drinks That Can Help You Lose Weight Without Exercising

Who wouldn’t like to be slim? However no one wants to work hard at it. Luckily for them they don’t have to. You don’t have to starve yourself with a strict diet. Neither do you have to kill yourself in the gym. All you have to do is drink. And when I say drink I […]

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Eat Healthy and Loose on Weight!

Nowadays, lots of people have problems with their weight. Those, who complain about very low weight belong rather to minority. There are many people who would like to loose on weight claiming that they suffer from overweight. Our weight depends on several crucial factors, which we should have in our minds. First of all, our […]

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Healthy Weight Loss: A One-Stop Guide to Fat, Protein, and Carbohydrates

The three basic elements of the human diet are protein, fiber, and fat. Your body needs some of each of these three elements in order to survive, and without the proper balance of these three things, malnutrition and ill health is the inevitable result. Learning how to balance these elements in a way that is optimal for […]

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Safe Ways to Exercise after Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery is popularly considered as an effective solution to obesity and weight-related health issues. Contrary to popular belief, it is only the first step toward weight maintenance and healthy living. Here, we discuss the many benefits of exercising for those who have undergone a surgical procedure for weight loss. The Center for Obesity […]

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