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10 Safe Tips For Senior Weight Loss

Do you find yourself a bit overweight after 60? Obesity is common for some seniors, and it’s easy to see why. Limited budgets for healthy foods, mobility issues that hinder exercise and a sedentary lifestyle can all contribute to weight gain for seniors. However, healthy weight loss can be a huge benefit to your health […]

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Take It Off! 5 Top Foods for Faster Weight Loss

No matter how badly we’d love for weight loss to be simple, there’s no magic pill or special trick to make shedding the pounds an easy process. But there is plenty of research to show that the foods we choose to eat can make a difference by raising metabolism and making us feel fuller to […]

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Tips for Losing Post-Baby Belly

Getting pregnant is a blessing that also comes with so many challenges; and these trials do not stop after a baby is born. The new mother not only needs to take care of her baby, but she also has to find ways to get her old body back again. This can be easily done by […]

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Garcinia Advantages and Side Effects

Many people have been wondering if this new weight loss supplement really works. Based on some of the Garcinia Cambogia Extract Reviews, people have been really satisfied with the product. But still, there are those who are skeptical and non-believers. Does this supplement have any side effects? Does it really aid in weight loss? Read […]

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Guide To The Gastric Sleeve Weight Loss Surgery

When all the natural methods to lose weight fast have become unproductive for an overweight or obese person, the person has no other choice but to undergo a surgery to lose weight. There may be risks in invasive surgeries but an obese person has to take the risk in order to improve his health condition. […]

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Fat Burning Diet Foods – Lose weight eating correctly!

You hear the word diet and your mind conjures up images of you feeling starved and weak due to the hunger fests that diets bring along with them. But if you only knew what a proper and healthy diet consisted of, you wouldn’t be dreading the idea of shedding those unwanted pounds. A proper fat […]

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Why You Should Start Counting Calories

If you’re trying to get ripped lose weight, tracking the amount of food you eat or the total amount of calories is vital to your fat loss success. Today, so many nutritionists frown upon tracking calories but the truth is that tracking your calorie intake is one of the only tried and true methods of […]

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Can A Weight Loss Retreat Inspire You?

Can a weight loss retreat inspire you? Seriously, the common myth surrounding weight loss camps are not that positive, and give the impression that you live in a specially crafted world which could never be duplicated in real life. But, is this true? Here is a look at some of the truths and myths of […]

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How to Lose Body Fat and Maintain a High Antioxidant Level

When most people say they want to ‘lose weight’, what they really mean is ‘lose body fat’. Reducing the amount of body fat, in relation to muscle, will leave you looking lean and healthy. The various ways of losing weight aren’t necessarily that beneficial if you are just trying to lose body fat, as most […]

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The Timeless Power of Keeping a Food Diary

In the movie Tommy Boy, starring the late Chris Farley, he says, “I have, what doctors call, a little bit of a weight problem.” Then he adjusts his belt and hikes up his pants to cover his bulging belly. That infamous line from the movie might make you feel a little uncomfortable, especially if you’re […]

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