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How Well Do You Know Your Face Serum?

Serum is not new in the market, but it is now one of the most popular facial products being used by beauty enthusiasts. In the pursuit to find the best hydrating and anti-ageing product, may women are now obsessed with serums.

If you’re trying out a face serum for the first time, you’ll discover that it provides a lot of benefits for the skin. It can soothe wrinkles, makes pores smaller and removes blemishes. There are a lot more benefits that you will appreciate if you’re using, the type of serum that is right for your skin type.

What is a face serum?

Serum is a lightweight skin care product that contains concentrated, active ingredients penetrating deeply into the skin due to its smaller molecules. This property of serum makes it a powerful product to ward off wrinkles. It is often used after cleansing, but before moisturizing.

Is serum, also a moisturizer?

It can be yes or no. Yes in a way that it contains a high concentration of moisturizing ingredients, such as ceramide and hyalunoric acid that moisturizes the skin. Naturally, it is not labeled as a moisturizer because it can only moisturize the skin at a certain level. To maximize its effects, it is best used with heavy moisturizers, including creams and face lotions.

Is serum necessary part of the regular skin care regimen?

Serum is not really a required skin care regimen. People use it to improve the condition of their skin. When regularly used, it can provide amazing results that they don’t need to put more makeup to cover the blemishes or fine lines. It can make the face look younger, fresher, smoother and healthier.

How often should serum be applied on face?

Each serum is different. Inquire about the product that you purchased and follow the procedure. Some products are best applied only once a day, while others can be applied more than one time.

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What’s the between face serum and  face oil?

These days, as face oil becomes more and more well known, you can now find face oil that is branded as “serum” in the market. Serum can be oil or water-based. So, it is very important to know which type of serum is working well on your skin type.

Water-based serums can nourish the inner layer of the skin because of the tiny molecules. On the other hand, oil-based serums have bigger molecules and best applied on top of moisturizers. It’s supposed to maintain the cream and other products on your skin moist the entire day.

How to choose the right face serum?

Serums are expensive, but there are less costly products that you can find. Some pricey serums may not be the best products, but they offer higher concentrations of the active ingredients.

To find the right serum for you, check the ingredients. They provide the requirements of your skin. Moreover, it should contain ingredients that would keep your skin healthy.

If you have dry skin, search for serums that are high in vitamin E (guards the skin from oxidative damage), glycolic acid (lightens and exfoliates discoloration), niacinamide (enhances skin elasticity) and hyaluronic acid (restores moisture).

For acne-prone skin, find serums that have concentrated levels of vitamin C (decreases inflammation, speed up skin repair ability and boosts collagen production), salicylic acid (clears pores), zinc (normalizes oil production and calms irritation) and retinol (antioxidant that lessens inflammation).

Those who have dull skin should look for serums that contain ferulic acid, resveratrol and green tea extract that fights free radicals and enhances cell repair.

What are the key ingredients that you should be checking in a serum?

The top ingredients that should be present in a serum should include:

Anti-inflammatories: It should contain aloe vera, arnica, zinc, and goldenseal that avoid cell damage and redness of the skin.

Hydrators: Hydrators, include amino acids, ceramides and essential fatty acids that guards against fine lines and dryness by restoring skin lipids. The lipids are responsible for enhancing moisture retention and keeping it safe from the environment. There are important for making the skin barrier and the cell membrane strong.

Antioxidants: It should have vitamin C, grape seed extract and pomegranate extract that protects against free radicals, causing fine lines and skin aging. They are also important for keeping the skin healthy from sun damage.

When using serums, it is best applied in the right amount. Using it too much doesn’t make it better. Since it has the most potent ingredients, it may irritate the skin when used in excess.

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