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Younger With Botox, ‘Cause Why Not?

Ever wondered how your flawless face will turn all wrinkled up when you get a bit older? Have you been scared at the pure thought of having your beauty gone? And have you been worrying about this recently, perhaps maybe you are about to turn 40?

Quite interesting though, there seem to be not too many reasons to worry about some of the age-related issues, especially those that affect one’s looks since science and technology have both been progressing exponentially. However, it is oftentimes difficult to make a decision as to what treatment, if any, to use to get great looks affordably yet with safety guarantees.

Many beauty treatments are on the market, promising to help hide all the wrinkles all over your face. But you should know that out of the plethora of options you see, there is only one that has been researched for over a hundred and eighty years and that treatment is Botox.

It is more possible than ever to stumble upon hundreds, if not thousands, of articles on the Internet that are centered on the issue of how bad Botox is. What these websites fail to do is provide a balanced view that would results in one clear conclusion: Botox is probably the most effective beauty treatment available on the market. It’s available all over the world. If you are living in New Your, you could, for instance, at the click of your PC mouse book Botox NYC  at a variety of clinics in town such as MiracleFace MedSpa and in a matter of days have your face de-aged.

But to help you make a decision on whether Botox is the treatment you’d wish to use we’ll provide these 3 facts to crush some of the Botox myths that the Internet is flooded with.

  1. Botox is super safe

The most respected public health organization – Food and Drug Administration (FDA) – approved Botox owing to the fact that since its discovery in 1820, hundreds of research endeavors have been undertaken to test its effects and safety. And guess what? Over 180 years was more than enough to finally conclude two facts – Botox is effective and very safe. A tiny needle – that causes no more pain than a mosquito bite – rejuvenates one’s face in a matter of minutes with guaranteed safety. There a few side effects to Botox but those – if any – will be identified by your doctor prior to receiving the treatment. As it can be seen very easily, you shouldn’t worry about Botox’s safety as it’s been researched extensively.

  1. Botox is super popular

By just looking at the sheer number of 11 million Botox users alone in the US, you can get a pretty clear idea about the popularity of this scientific miracle. This number clearly indicates the fact that as non-invasive as it is, Botox is quite effective while at the same time very safe. Had it not been safe and effective, so many celebrities wouldn’t be using it. Yes, you got it right. If you’ve been wondering how your favorite actor seems to never age, the answer is most probably Botox. Botox has been one of the favorite beauty treatment used by superstars all over the world.

  1. Botox is used for many different purposes

Yet another piece of great news for those who are thinking of using Botox is that it can treat a variety of issues. Apart from battling wrinkles, it helps fight crow’s feet around eyes, forehead lines, smoker lines, dimpling of the chin, vertical neck bands and eyebrow lift. Millions have been using Botox to treat these different issues. Interestingly, apart from the aforementioned issues, there has been a certain body of research that suggests that Botox can be used to treat those with symptoms of depression. It was concluded that by freezing the muscles responsible for frowning, the person suffering from some form of depression will have their symptoms weaken. The idea behind this is quite simple: by blocking frowning, the brain stops receiving negative emotions associated with frowning, thus lessening depression.

So, we hope we’ve clarified some of the hot topics related to Botox. Good luck with your decision on whether to use it!

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