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Your Must Have Prom Checklist

Between finding a date, coordinating the dinner and transportation plans and still getting all your normal school work done, prom can easily overwhelm you. So what is that Must-Do checklist of things to keep in mind?

Find a Dress

While this particular step is unlikely to slip your mind, it’s no less important to mention. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Color: According to most fashion forecasters, balance is key in the colors you choose for Spring 2013. Consider soft colors like a gray-blue or sage green. These go nicely with most accessories, especially black, and there’s no jewelry you can’t pair them with.
  • Cut: An A-Line can cover your lower curves, should you desire, while an empire waist can draw attention to the bust-line. Make sure you try on several styles before you accidently settle on a dress that doesn’t flatter.
  • Cost: New prom digs not in the budget? No worries, there are plenty of second hand stores selling low-cost, barely used dresses out there. And don’t forget to hit up some older friends and relatives to see if they have a dress you could use. Even better, swap homecoming dresses with your best friend for a fresh new look without the price tag!

Get Some Kicks

New shoes are certainly not essential for prom but a pair of shoes you can dance the night away in definitely is. As you consider which shoes to wear, think of this: how much does it matter to you that they match your dress? If the answer is “Not much,” then just find something that your feet are comfortable in. Bear in mind, prom will probably be crowded and hot, and you will hopefully be spending plenty of time on your feet. Who says you can’t wear an old pair tennis shoes under that floor-length dress anyway? If you are hoping to find a Cinderella-esque slipper, make sure you try on many pairs. The best thing you can do is stick to brands you know and sizes that won’t pinch your toes.

Perfect Coiffing

Of course, doing your hair is one of the most fun parts of any fancy function. Be careful though, you don’t necessarily want to morph into someone else just because you’re trying to look nice. Most of us just want to look like a more fabulous version of our already fabulous selves. If you tend to wear your hair down, try not to plan an elaborate up-do that people won’t even recognize you in. If you’re not planning on shelling out money for a stylist, here are some other options.

  • Does one of your friends always have a perfectly tamed mane? Ask her if she’d be willing to help with your hair.
  • Find a picture in a magazine and tape it to your mirror while you do your hair. Simple, but also effective.
  • Do your hair the way you normally do but spring for a shimmery hair spray or glitzy clip.


If you don’t normally wear make-up, don’t feel bad about skipping this step. If you want to glam it up just a touch, throw a little mascara and lip-gloss on, it can make all the difference. For a more dramatic flare, you can never go wrong with a smoky-eye combo, available at most drug stores. Look for mascara that is waterproof in case all that wild dancing gets you sweating. Mineral or clay based make-up is also great to keep your face from running or from ending up with clogged pores the next morning.


There are a few things to consider for the big night that are easy to overlook. For one thing, invest in an above-average antiperspirant. Remember prom is crowded and hot and you don’t want your night ruined by embarrassing sweat stains or a funky smell. Plan on a small emergency kit that will fit into that delightfully small purse that includes your fully-charged cell phone, an ID, a safety pin for flyaway dress straps, and two small bandages for blistered heels if your shoe choice wasn’t quite as practical as it could have been.

Above all, have fun! Even if you show up in the same hair, make-up and clothes that you wear every day, your friends will still know how great you are. Five years from now, you will remember their company and the laughs you shared way more than what anyone wore!

Jenny Houston is a professional blogger that writes for, a leading designer of prom gowns and Quinceanera dresses.

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