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3 Things To Know Before Starting A Detox

A detox can be a great way to jump start yourself into a healthier life and a way to cleanse your body.  Many people start detox programs for a variety of reasons like weight loss, having more energy throughout the day, or stopping premature aging.  No matter what the reason, starting a detox can be a shock to your system if not done the correct way.  Here are 3 things to know before starting a detox.

Understand What The Detox Process is

Before you start a detox do a little research and also talk with your doctor before you begin any detox process. Also it is good to keep in mind that the word “detox” means different things to everybody.  It is important to understand the difference between fasting, juicing and detoxing before you start to embark on your detox journey.


Get Your Kitchen Ready

Once you establish what type of detox is right for you and your needs it is time to get your kitchen and fridge ready. For instance if the plan is to go on a sugar detox, it is time to raid your pantry, fridge and freezer of any temptations for your sweet tooth.  A good rule of thumb is that the best way to avoid eating anything bad for you, don’t have it easily accessible in your home.  Also make sure that you stock your home with plenty of healthy snacks, teas, and meals that are beneficial to your detox.


Don’t Change Everything Overnight

Sometimes it is best when changing the way that you eat and approach a detox it is best to ease into it.  For instance, if you are giving up soda or coffee as part of your detox it may be best to start cutting back before you give it up completely.  Any detox can be a shock to your system so drinking 3 cups of coffee a day to all of a sudden drinking no coffee can result in massive caffeine withdrawal which can cause moodiness and headaches. Also if you are not exercising, start to gradually add that into your weekly schedule as well.  Gradually making healthy changes right before or during your detox will result in better results and be easier for your body to handle.Detox Tea

You may be starting a detox to begin a journey of losing weight or it may be a medical detox for addiction recovery. No matter what the reason is, understand the detox process fully before committing, stock up your home with food and beverages that are in line with your detox plans and gradually change your eating and exercise habits before you start a detox of any kind.

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