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3 Top Tips to Shed Those Pounds

It’s time again. The worst part of your week. You feel the tremors kicking in, the sweat pouring down your body. Entering your bathroom, you make your way towards your destination – the weighing scales. Or, as you’ve come to know them, the scales of shame.

Indeed, many of us are guilty of overeating junk food and fizzy drinks. In fact, the UK is in the midst of an obesity epidemic – 67 per cent of men and 57 per cent of women are classed as overweight, making us the most obese country in Europe.

So, if stepping on those weighing scales is becoming like a horror movie, then try a few of these weight loss tips.

Lose your double chin

Depending on our metabolism, the way each of us processes food can be surprisingly different – and that includes where we pile on the pounds. And, if it’s all going to your face, you’ll seem larger than you are.

To get rid of double chin, the hotspot of the chubby look, there are a number of creams available. These lotions will smooth out your skin, eventually making it look smoother and healthier. So while you’re fighting the flab, you can make that double chin nearly invisible.

Chow down on superfoods

While that endless supply of Domino’s Pizzas, McDonald’s cheeseburgers and Chinese takeaways might taste AMAZING, they’re at the root of every poor diet.

Add in those cooked-in-three-minutes, endlessly convenient meals you gorge on aren’t helping your waistlines.

Instead, fill your diet with superfoods (that means plenty of fruit and veg) and try to go above and beyond your recommended daily allowance of veg. Make weaning yourself off junk food easier by actually learning how to cook.

Enjoying your meals is half the battle and, by adding beets or sauces to seemingly bland concoctions, you might just come across a taste explosion you weren’t expecting.

Exercise – the easy way

Slobbing around on the settee is such a tempting way to pass your time. There you sit, ploughing your way through your Game of Thrones box set, surrounded by more snacks than a branch of Asda. To some, it’s bliss – but it won’t help you fight your flab.

But exercising in a day doesn’t have to be some epic affair. Even a brisk half hour workout every day can be enough to have you shedding pounds quicker than a lizard sheds its skin.

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