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3 Treatments to Try if You Are Experiencing Hair Loss

It is natural for hair to fall off once in a while. However, hair loss or baldness is something that most people do not want to experience. Alopecia is the term that is used to refer to hair loss from any part of the body, but mostly from the head. There are some people who will get psychologically distressed due to hair loss. As such, these people need to know the best ways to treat this problem so that they can live less stressful lives.

In this article, we shall discuss some 3 treatments that people can try if they experience hair loss. These are:

  1. Viviscal Hair Growth for Men and Women

It is true that there are many products out there for hair loss. If you require a tested and trusted product for your hair loss needs, then Viviscal is all you need. You can read Andrea’s review on Viviscal Extra Strength Hair Loss treatment for both men and women. There are a number of reasons why you should choose this product. It repairs as well as restores all your damaged hair. For the people who could be suffering from thinning hair, they can trust Viviscal to improve the strength of the hair and also improve the thickness and the volume of their hair.

You may wonder what this product contains. Well, it has vitamins and biotin. It is also rich in keratin, a component that improves the general status of your hair. This product will also help to stimulate your natural hair growth cycle. As such, by choosing Viviscal hair care product, you will be happy with your hair growth and hair repair process.

  1. Hair Transplant

Hair transplant is another common way you could have your hair replaced. With the hair transplant procedures, the hair you already have will be moved to fill an area of the body that has no hair at all or an area that has thin hair.

This is a procedure that can be done in the doctor’s office. There are two methods of achieving this surgery. There is the FUSS, the follicular unit strip surgery and the FUE, the follicular unit extraction.  

What should you expect from this  hair transplant? Does it affect the look of your scalp? Well, the scalp could become tender after the surgery. You will probably need to take painkillers for at least two days after the surgery. Your doctor will also prescribe some antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs.

After two to three weeks, the transplanted hair will fall out and new growth will be seen after some few months.

  1. Home remedies for hair loss

There are hair loss remedies that one can take at home and enjoy hair growth without the side effects that are associated with the chemical hair loss treatments. One of the natural ways to curb hair loss is the use of coconut oil. The use of coconut oil helps you to condition the hair. You should warm some coconut oil and massage this on your scalp. It should get into the hair root tips so that the whole scalp is well covered with the oil. You should then wash the hair after one hour. The use of onion juice is also another way you can control hair loss and improve your scalp.

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