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5 Benefits of Compound Exercise

There are various plus points of exercising – and many of them are well-publicised. However, if you have recently felt disappointed by the returns – or lack of them – which your exercise regime appears to be bringing, the key to breaking the deadlock could be switching to compound exercises.

These are, to cite a definition from Healthline, exercises which work multiple muscle groups simultaneously. Here are some top benefits to getting underway with compound exercises…

Make more progress in the same amount of time

One simple reason to take up compound exercises is that, as you will be exercising an array of muscle groups at once, you will be using your time more efficiently.

If your exercise time is scarce, you thus have a strong incentive to choose compound exercises over isolation exercises – so-called as they work just one muscle group at a time. While a squat works quadriceps and calves and so qualifies as compound, a traditional bicep curl focuses just on biceps.

Provide a good workout for your heart

Compound workouts can count as cardiovascular exercise, too. You are probably thoroughly accustomed to feeling your heart rate increasing as you engage in cardio – and, indeed, you can anticipate an elevated heart rate when you go down the compound route.

As a result, your heart will start functioning more effectively, says Gympik. Compound exercises capable of testing the heart include jump squats, for which your whole body will need to move.

Improve your intramuscular coordination

Young woman weight training. Camera angle view.You could be surprised to learn how many muscles you can work with just one type of compound exercise. Squatting, for example, will involve your thighs, hips, quads, hamstrings and buttocks.

As you squat, those muscles will work together and so help you to hone your intramuscular coordination. Other compound exercises which you could try as a means of developing this coordination include deadlifts and – with bicep curls included – reverse lunges.   

Burn calories at a much quicker rate

Once compound exercises have become incorporated as a key part of your weight loss routine, the pounds could quickly drop off. Even just over one set, a compound workout will torch many more calories than an isolation exercise, due to the higher number of muscle groups being exercised.

As you work the muscles in those groups, those muscles will work other muscles – and so the calorie-burning benefits will spread. It can all add up to an impressive weight loss.

Trigger the right kind of hormonal response

Organic Authority highlights another, yet easy-to-overlook, merit of compound exercises: they will lead your body to produce a positive hormonal response benefitting muscle-building and fat-burning. Deadlifts, for example, can boost testosterone, a muscle-building hormone.

If you are still struggling to get to grips with compound exercises, you could learn them from an expert trainer. Joining one of the fitness camps run by Prestige Boot Camp will enable you to come into contact with such a trainer and people who, like you, are eager to get fitter.

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