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5 Easy Ways You Can Keep Fit On A Budget

Keeping fit is something we all aspire to do. Whether it’s because we want to be able to slip into our favourite swimwear on holiday, or if we want to stay healthy and keep our weight down, exercise is a popular past time and part of the daily routine for many of us.

For those who find losing weight a problem, a doctor may issue a medication to help. You can buy Xenical online with a prescription click here, as part of a weight reduction programme if your doctor recommends it. But for those who are only slightly overweight or find their weight is susceptible to fluctuation, exercise can help.

That said, we’re all guilty at times of putting off exercise. This might be due to any number of reasons. Sometimes, if we’re busy at work and feeling tired, we might be more tempted to skip an evening’s exercise. If we’re going through an illness or a tough period, then we might be more inclined to take some time off from physical exertion.

A popular reason why many people avoid partaking in exercise is cost. Some people, and they could be forgiven for doing so, associate exercise with financial expenditure. And that’s because we all know that gym memberships aren’t cheap, and that training attire can be costly too.

But keeping fit doesn’t have to be expensive. You can do it on a budget. And here are five ways how:

Check Out Your Local Authority’s Facilities

In many areas, the local council provide training facilities at a discount, or even for free. Outdoor gyms are becoming more popular in many towns and cities, and you can always visit a leisure centre instead of a high street gym. Many colleges and universities will run their own leisure centres or have them attached to their premises, making them a cheaper option too.

Make Swimming Your Core Exercise

Swimming is great for a number of reasons. It provides a good cardiovascular workout. It’s low impact, which means that you won’t feel the strain in your joints as much you would running. And, it’s cheap. Many baths and pools will only charge around £5 entry, which, even if you’re visiting two or three times a week, is much cheaper than some gym memberships.

Invest in a Games Console

Working out from home is all the rage again. Before it was fitness videos and DVDs. Now, it’s games consoles with balance boards, such as the Wii Fit. We know that the initial cost of a console isn’t to be sniffed at. Some many set you back over £100. But once you made the initial payment, that’s it – the equipment is yours.

Look Out for Special Offers

Have a look online, and visit discount and voucher code websites. Many of them will offer special membership rates at high street gyms, making the cost of joining cheaper. Also, if joining a gym is the only way you think you’re going to stick to your exercise plan, go along to their open days. Many of them may have limited time offers which might be worth taking advantage of.

Don’t Go Designer

And finally, it’s always important to remember that, when you’re exercising, you’re not strolling along the catwalk. You don’t have to invest in the highest grade sports attire on the market. Opt for something which is comfortable, durable, and does the job. Don’t be seduced by those adverts which feature a superstar endorsement for a particular brand. Everyone is different. Go with what works for you, and with what you can afford.

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