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Napping – Not Just for the Lazy

Depending on your viewpoint, napping can either be a great way to relax a little or an indication of bone idleness. Sure, we tend to sprawl out on our double mattresses at the end of the day, but can many things beat the feeling of escaping reality if only for half an hour or so? […]

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How A Little Time Outdoors Can Change Your Outlook On Life

How much time do you usually spend outside, in nature, actually enjoying it? Not just walking from your car to your office, or taking the dog outside for a quick bathroom break, but actually time spent outside, breathing the air and looking around? There are many reasons that you should be getting outside. The Sun […]

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When Methadone Becomes a Problem and No Longer a Solution

WHAT IS METHADONE? Methadone is a synthetic opioid used as pain medication. It is often considered a narcotic drug because of its similar properties with morphine and it is as addictive as any opiate. For many decades, Methadone is used in detox treatments for individuals with opiate drug addiction. What it does, is gradually slowing […]

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Labelling the Workplace – Avoiding Potential Hazards

Hazards in the workplace would be oblivious to us if we didn’t have the appropriate labelling in place. Anything that goes unlabelled could be mistaken for something different or viewed as having no potential threat to our health and safety. Labels play an essential role in the workplace. We can use them to learn and […]

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healthcare physician

Choosing a Primary Care Physician

It may be the most important health decision you make for you and your family. Sadly, too many people select a primary care physician for the wrong reasons or without any reason.     Live Longer and Healthier Studies show that having a primary care doctor results in a healthier life. The Milbank Quarterly, a peer reviewed journal […]

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Opiate Withdrawal: 10 Expert Tips to Help You Succeed in Your Efforts

Opiates are a class of drugs that are commonly prescribed to relieve pain. While these prescription drugs are useful, they can cause physical dependency if used for a long time. As the body becomes used to opiates, discontinuing the drugs can lead to mild or severe withdrawal symptoms. The intense cravings during withdrawal are tough, […]

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__I said I am not going to the dentist!!_

Braving the Dentist: 5 Easy Ways to Overcome Your Dental Fears

  You have an upcoming appointment to your dentist. But days before the session you already feel nervous. Your hands start to sweat, you can’t sleep at night… you make a thousand excuses just so you can avoid meeting with your dentist –  wishing your tooth will magically heal itself. Dental anxiety is a common […]

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Image by anton petukhov under CC BY 2.0

Is your sex life stressing you out?

Sex can be a stress buster, but it also has the potential to cause anxiety. If your sex life is sending your stress levels soaring, keep reading. This blog looks at some of the ways in which physical intimacy can cause anxiety and it examines potential solutions to these problems.   The impact of sexual […]

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