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Dealing With Bad Habits That May Be Making You Fat

When it comes to being healthy there are some things that might slip by you. Those nasty habits could be making you fatter, or at least making it harder for you to lose weight. Maybe you’ve recently hit a plateau and you just can’t figure out why.




Here are some things that could be making you fat, or at least hindering your ability to lose weight. It’s simple enough to change your eating, and drinking habits, and even add on a little more physical activity. Then you’ll be back on your way to weight loss and a healthier you.



If you drink alcoholic beverages on a regular basis you could be packing on some extra pounds from those libations. You’ve probably already heard of having a beer gut, but beer isn’t the only beverage that could be adding to your waistline. Even mixed drinks can get you.


Think about what you are mixing with liquor, and how many calories may be in that soda or juice. If you can’t stop drinking it may be time to get some help. Otherwise it would at least be wise to cut down on how often and how much you drink if you want to beat that weight gain.


Having a snack once in awhile isn’t a big deal, depending on what you are snacking on and how much you are snacking on. Even a healthy snack of strawberries can be bad for you if you are eating too many in one sitting. Follow suggested serving sizes.


You are, however, much better off snacking on fresh fruits and veggies and passing on chips and candy bars. Stick with healthy snacks and natural sugars and your waistline will thank you for it.


You may be stuck on your weightloss journey because you been packing in too many carbohydrate rich foods. Cut back on your intake of things like bread and pasta and you just might see a drastic difference in your weight loss.


You can make sandwiches with a lettuce wrap, instead of bread. Try spaghetti squash instead of spaghetti noodles. There is always an alternative option, and a healthier one.


Large Portions

Your problem could also be that you are simply eating too large of portions. If you eat out a lot this is a given, as most restaurants serve at least twice the size a portion needs to be. That’s like getting two, or more, meals in one sitting. And, if you are doing that three times a day you’re really eating far too much.


Take some time to learn what the proper portion sizes are of the foods you like to eat. And don’t be afraid to take home leftovers to eat for a different meal.

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