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Best 7 Tips on How to Tone Up Yourself After the Hangover

Like a heartbreak, hangover feels terrible and takes time to heal. The body and all within want to lazy around and do nothing. Splitting headache makes you want to pull your hair out, and all you can think of is cursing the fun night. It just gets worse if you are a freelancer with tons of online writing jobs almost due.

What is a hangover? Characterized by splitting headache, diarrhoea, fatigue and nausea, a hangover is the after effect of heavy alcohol consumption. The boozy feel-good night is followed by beat down morning. You regret indulging but have to pull up and face the day before you. See some tips on how to tone yourself after the hangover.

  1. Drinks

Research shows that coconut water contains the same electrolytes as the ones in blood. Low levels of antioxidants will make you feel bad after drinking alcohol. Coconut water will, therefore, repair your body with the most needed nutrients.
Tomato juice is also another great drink. Studies indicate that tomato juice neutralizes alcohol levels in minutes. As a result, the journey to soberness is faster.
Lemon and lime process alcohol out of your system. Water with lemon or lime is a safe and excellent combination that will help hydrate you and kick you to soberness. The alkaline in lime and lemon also takes away the nausea feeling by balancing the acid in the gut.

  1. Work out

Yes! Work out is the last thing your body wants after an intense party night. You can always start with a gentle exercise. The best thing is that even the softest workout has tremendous results and will restore your body balance and bring you to life. 12 minutes of cardio will do your body justice as it increases your circulation and heart rate. As a result, the body processes fire up to foster restoration and detoxification.

  1. Painkillers

NHS recommends painkillers for the pain that comes with hangovers. Paracetamol based and ibuprofen lysine painkillers work best for headaches and muscle pain that come with a hangover. Keep off Tylenol as it can cause toxic effects on the liver if it mixes with alcohol left in your body.

  1. Food

There is a craving for a generous plate of greasy food when you have a hangover. It works for most people. A diet with fat-based foods will boost your energy level as they contain calories. To clear the toxins in your system, include meat and eggs as they are rich in amino acid cysteine.
A simple breakfast will still work in restoration of blood sugar levels without aggravating the stomach further. Bananas replenish the potassium levels that are depleted by alcohol. One or two pieces will make you feel better and recover fast. Vegetable-based broth, toast, and crackers are some options that you may consider.

  1. Sleep it out

Sleep is all your body wants to hear and have when dealing with a hangover. For students and writers, you can always source someone from Myessaywriting to handle your assignment and jump back to bed. All you need is time for the alcohol to clear off the system.

  1. Dissolvable tablets

Dissolvable tablets that contain vitamins B, C, Magnesium, and calcium will replace the nutrients you lost through drinking alcohol. It is always good to have some of these in the house as you never know when you will need them. They also help you take more water, especially if you find it a problem to take plain water.

  1. Shower

Apart from feeling like a dumpsite, hangovers make you look and smell like one. Drag yourself into the shower and alternate between hot and cold showers. A shower will not clean the alcohol off your system, but it will make you feel better. You may sweat some off in the process.
A very productive week or month will most likely end with a night out. Taking the right steps to avoid hangovers is the best approach. But things happen! If they do and you find yourself in the rut, the above steps will go a long way in helping you recover from the mess.

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