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How to Choose the Best Breast Implant Size and Type for You

Deciding to augment your breasts is a personal choice that requires extensive research. From the specialized doctor to the type of implants themselves, each choice can have significant impact on your health, both present and future. One key decision is selecting the implant size and type. With many technological advances in this area, patients have several choices based on desire and body shape.

Your Chest Diameter

“Every woman has a different chest diameter that dictates overall proportions,” said Dr. Reyter of American Skin Insitute. Whether you are tall, short, lean or husky, the chest diameter is a good starting point to begin your implant selection. Your doctor should measure you and give you specific sizes that work with your unique body. Generally, a small chest diameter requires smaller implants. The main goal with implants is creating an appealing proportion from top to bottom. Your body should appear like an hourglass rather than a top-heavy shape. The doctor may have some implant samples you can hold and see for yourself to get an idea of weight and size.

Visualizing It

Plastic surgeons often have sample bras with stuffing in them to give you a way to visualize your new breasts. Try on several different sizes to see what works with your body. Wear a blouse that you typically enjoy and see how the new breasts look in the material. A size that you were set on may not look that appealing when it is visualized in front of a mirror.

Another modern way to determine the best implant size is through breast imaging. Using specialized software, your doctor can place a photo of you on the screen and add different breast sizes for comparison. This computerized strategy helps women feel more confident about their implant size choices, especially after the initial surgery that can leave some swelling for a time.

Implant Shape

Old implant technology resembled water balloons being pressed into a surgical cut in the chest. Modern implants give you two different shape choices, either round or teardrop-shaped. When you choose a shape, this also dictates the type of surgical cut necessary to move the implant into the body. For example, teardrop-shaped implants have a fixed size and shape, requiring a larger incision. However, teardrop implants provide a more natural appearance as they have a larger base and taper off toward the top. Round implants are more traditional and offer a wide range of sizes, based on you and your doctor’s decisions.


Silicone is the material making up the teardrop-shaped implant. Along with a more natural appearance, it also feels real. This material is available in both a smooth or textured appearance, making the skin look puckered like natural breasts. Saline is the traditional, round implant material that offers several advantages. Because the implant is relatively empty when inserted in the chest, the incision site is much smaller. Recovery and scarring are minimal for this material. Doctors fill the implant with saline to a desired size, creating a unique shape for every woman. One side could be slightly larger than the other, for example, to create a more natural appearance. Your doctor has more room to adjust your breast size as the surgery progresses for a better appearance after recovery.

Breast size and type must be chosen by both you and your doctor. Go over your desires and questions with a professional for a successful surgery. Augmentation can look extremely natural with proper preparation.

American Skin Institute specializes in creating natural looking breast implants for their patients. Check out their Facebook for more information.

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