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Getting back into running? What are the best ways to avoid injury?

What Other Exercise Can Work Out 26 Bones, 33 Joints and 112 Ligaments?

Yes, you read that right – running can exercise all of the above body parts including a myriad of tendons, blood vessels and nerves. You will be hard pressed to find another type of exercise that provides so many benefits, but surprisingly many people would prefer to exercise in a confined gym instead of exploring the great outdoors and enjoying an invigorating run!

Additionally, running doesn’t require anything but desire, and a decent pair of comfortable and durable sneakers from a reputable retailer. It’s worth investing a bit more and getting the best Nike running shoes that you can fit into your budget, as good shoes are really the best way to prevent unnecessary injury. Apart from that, there isn’t that much to it: just put your shoes on (comfy clothes also help), stretch a bit and go for a jog.

Running requires the use of over 200 muscles. It really is a complete exercise that does so much more than simply improving your cardio. Running can help you burn up to 7% more calories than you would on a treadmill, and research has shown that those who regularly run have a lesser chance of contracting Alzheimer’s and enjoy lower blood pressure.

Running is not just about the medical or physical benefits however, it is also an enjoyable exercise that can help calm your mind and bring much needed stress relief in today’s busy and hectic working world. Many people run on a weekly basis to unwind and to let their minds rest. It is common for runners to put their headphones in and play some soothing music through their mp3 players whilst jogging. Music complements running greatly and can help provide focus and concentration, it can also make this exercise more enjoyable.

In today’s world, we are becoming increasingly health conscious. A greater percentage of the world’s population is trying to live a healthy lifestyle and running can help in this endeavour. People are turning towards healthy foods and organic products, avoiding ready-meals and high-in-sugar products. Furthermore, gyms have never seen so much activity – despite our busy working lives, many people still attend the gym several times a week.

If you want to turn a corner and start living healthy, why not consider running? Whilst a gym membership is tempting, running is totally free! All you need is a decent pair of running trainers and some gym gear and you are good to go! To provide you further clarification on the benefits of running, the infographic below offers some fantastic insight into this worthwhile exercise:


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