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Fat Burning Diet Foods – Lose weight eating correctly!

You hear the word diet and your mind conjures up images of you feeling starved and weak due to the hunger fests that diets bring along with them. But if you only knew what a proper and healthy diet consisted of, you wouldn’t be dreading the idea of shedding those unwanted pounds. A proper fat burning diet consists of foods that help burn fat and quicken your metabolic rate. Here are a few food tips that will help your metabolism increase and get you fitting in those skinny clothes within weeks.

Spice It Up

You have probably been living within your own blissful bubble if you have never heard that spices, especially hot peppers, help burn fat. They are chock-full of certain compounds that make your body heat up. Your body burns quite a lot of calories just trying to bring the body temperature back to normal again. Spices are easy to use as well because of the great variety that is available in all markets around the world. They can be eaten with most foods by making saucy dips with hot sauce, or by sprinkling chili powder on top of your dishes. If you’re not a big fan of hot peppers or spicy food in general, then read on to find out other foods are good for burning fat.

Live Green

No, living green does not mean becoming environmental friendly and joining the activists in their attempts at making the world a better place. Over here, live green means that you add a big dash of green tea to your daily diet. Green tea is packed with antioxidants and other good stuff that help you lose weight by speeding up your metabolism. Other than bolstering the weight loss process, this kind of tea also has been known to prevent heart diseases, cancer, and diabetes. Drinking up to 4 cups a day will let weight watchers lose more pounds as compared to those that only rely on avoiding junk and fattening foods.

Live Wholesomely

People who go on strict protein diets, which only allow the intake of proteins, lose weight quickly. But such eating habits bring along severe health problems like heart diseases. Instead of harming your body by staying away from carbohydrates and fibers, let yourself lose weight by enjoying these food groups instead. Whole grains should be made a definite part of your daily diet as they help the body lose up to twice as many calories. This is because fibers are by nature tough to break down; therefore, the digestive system has to work harder to digest them. Oatmeal, brown rice, and bran bread are perfect kinds of food for your fiber intake.

Live Naturally

Fruits and vegetables are not only healthy, but they taste pretty good as well. They contain a lot of vitamins and minerals that are otherwise left out of our daily intake. Such vitamins and minerals ensure that the body does not suffer from deficiencies. Fruits and vegetables also strengthen the immune system and help keep away diseases and illnesses. If that wasn’t enough, fruits and vegetables also help in weight loss as they can be eaten for snacks instead of the fattening junk food that only adds to your calories.

Be Carnivorous Too!

If you’re thinking by now that your fat burning diet should only consist of wholesome foods and fruits and vegetables then you couldn’t be more wrong. A balanced fat burning diet should consist of items from all food groups so that you shed pounds the healthy way. This is where protein comes in. Lean meats should be consumed at least thrice a week as they are known to have a high thermo genic effect. This means that the body burns calories while trying to digest lean meat, which in turn leads to better weight loss. An excellent example of this type of food is chicken breast strips.

Add Some Iron

Lentils are rich in iron and low in calories. They provide the body with the required nutrition to charge up and boost the metabolism. What’s best is that different types of lentils can be used to provide a greater variety so that you don’t get bored of consuming the same thing on a regular basis. Lentil soup can also be made to be eating with a spoon or splashed onto a bowl of brown rice.

Go Dairy

Dairy products such as milk and cheese are not only tasty, but are known for the satisfying amounts of calcium and vitamin D they offer. Such food items help strengthen bones and preserve the muscles mass in the body. Muscles are known to boost the metabolism and help in weight loss anyway. Therefore, those looking to shed pounds should focus on dairy products too, though not in gratifying amounts as that can lead to weight gain instead.

Even after adding all these food types to your daily diet, you should ensure that you eat in smaller portions. Eating too much of anything is bad for the health and may lead to weight gain. Exercise should also be made part of your routine for maximum results.

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