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Flower As a Treatment For Depression

Life has a way of putting everyone down, this basically means that it cuts across every work of life, rich or poor. You might be exhausted, overwhelmed, chronically sick or you are facing an issue that makes you hopeless. If you are getting depressing thoughts or it’s becoming difficult for you to cope with life, it is recommended to go and see a doctor. But if it’s just a little support you need then a flower can be your Samaritan. If that is the case, services like same day flower delivery may come in handy.

In this article, we are going to discuss on how five flowers can act as remedies for depression.

Rose flower

Roses are believed to visualize the body as they refresh the mind thus reducing incidences of depression in the mind. The rose petals are first soaked in bathing water prior to a bath. Rose can be made by placing the rose petals in a bowl which thereafter is exposed to sunlight. The exposing phase can take several days. This is in order for it to release oils. The oil can be administered orally, application on skin as well as adding in recipes, the oil in most case is used for cleansing

Borage flower
This flower is also referred as a starflower. If you inhale the borage essence or mixed it with your showering water you are expected to walk towards the path of positivism. Borage is an emotional cleanser as well as a balancer. Borage is highly recommended for those that free oppressed in other words the victim. Borage is served with garnish drinks in treating depression during hot weathers. Borage is believed to free the mind from the light feeling it brings it’s also responsible for clearing once though process.

Lavender flower

Lavender flowers can produce a certain volatile oil which brings a scent that is rejuvenating. Among all the existing flowers that can treat depression, lavender is the most recommended. It is said that the lavender flower effects are instant, just the moment you get into the bath water your muscles will relax immediately and you might even want to sleep. Lavender flower comes in several forms like sleep pillows, tea bags, and potpourri and sachet bags. These products are said to open up your chakra thus connecting you with the universe.

Gentian Flower
Gentian is believed to have some power in restoring one’s souls trust, to God as well as in higher self. Gentian flower can be used to strengthen one’s willpower. The flower essence is orally taken with lukewarm water. Apart from aiding those with depression and mental problems, the flower is also responsible for improving ones indigestion, as an appetizer as well as treating stomach ache, heartburns, and vomiting incidences.

Peach flower
peach flowers between rows (1)
Peach flower is used to help those with mood swings problems, low concentration and hypochondria. The peach flower increases one sense of sympathy towards other people as it also improves one fulfillment levels. The flower can be used through adding it into water and drinking water. With the use of peach essence, you can have yourself more joyful and happy life.

Mustard flower
If you find yourself depressed for no particular reason. The mustard flower is taken when it comes to it. A mustard flower is able to stimulate the mind leading to a more open and optimistic approach to things. Mustard is said to open up the Solar plexus and central chakra thus enabling discover your inner strength. In the treatment of depression, Mustard can be mixed with another flower essence to come up with an optimum drug.

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