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Great Ways to Get in Shape and Keep the Weight Off

Did you know the average person gains between one and two pounds per year even without overindulging or lack of exercise. So it is little wonder that many of us find our jeans getting a little tighter after a celebration or by avoiding exercise for a few weeks. Thankfully there are so many things you can do to avoid gaining those extra pounds and they don’t involve going on a strict calorie controlled diet. Here are five ways you can get in shape and keep that weight off without resorting to depressing measures.

Go for a Walk

Stop relying on your car so much, it’s not doing you any favours. Cars cost a fortune to run and they can make you very lazy. You really don’t need to use your car to go to the shops or pick the kids up from school, leave it behind. If you walk for around half an hour a day you can burn 250 calories, depending on your speed and the terrain. The walking isn’t only about losing weight though, it also exercises your lungs and your heart if you manage to walk quickly enough, or long enough, to feel yourself getting warmer and your heart beats faster. It’s an easy exercise we all can do, so what’s stopping you?

Eat the Salad First

When it comes time for lunch or dinner always start by eating the fresh salad, vegetables or fruit. This is where you’re going to find all those healthy antioxidants and vitamins that are so good for your body. If you leave these items to the end there’s a risk you get fill up to soon, leaving all the goodness abandoned on your plate.

Work Out on the Phone

Whenever you talk on the phone make sure you get up and start moving around. If you work in an office you probably spend the majority of your working day sat down, which is not good for your circulation, weight or your overall health. You can help yourself by always taking your conversations on your feet.  Aim to stand up for around two hours a day at work if you can, this will help you burn more calories and stay in much better shape.

Go to Bed!

Sleep is essential to our health and it can make a big difference to our hunger levels. When you don’t get enough sleep your levels of the stress hormone cortisol rise, which also regulates your appetite. When you have high stress levels you’re more likely to binge eat and eat more simply because you feel hungry.

Get on Your Bike

Biking is a great form of exercise and it’s a faster form of transportation than walking. If you live too far away from work to walk get on a bike instead. These days you can buy electric bikes that allow you to exercise when you need to and they give you assistance if you need a rest or you’re in a hurry. These bikes have many health benefits, Read more by following the link.

The author, Mark Scott is fitness mad and freelance blogger, writing about staying in good health and benefiting from exercising on a daily basis. His work has been published on hundreds of websites and blogs; he’s also extremely popular on Twitter where he gives out tips and advice throughout the day. Connect with him on Google+.

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