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Guide on Weight Loss With Caralluma

Caralluma has been used in India for hundreds of years and have been known as famine food because of its natural appetite suppressant. The succulent plant is used for weight loss because of this attribute. Not only does Caralluma help with weight loss, but it effective for numerous other health conditions including skin problems and arthritis. Caralluma is gaining favor in the community promoting weight loss for health. Let’s learn more about its attributes and how it can be beneficial.

Attributes of Caralluma Plant

The Caralluma plant is recognizable by spiny leaves and thick flowers. The blooms on the plant are often featured in yellow, black, purple, or red. The star-shaped blooms are striking, but the herb has an unpleasant odor. The plant grows primarily in India and Afghanistan.

How Caralluma is Used

Caralluma may be consumed as a vegetable in the raw form, or it can be cooked. Many people have boiled the herb and lightly salted it before consumption, or it can be used to make chutneys. The herb is versatile in its preparation. For weight loss, most people simply use a pill supplement.

Some people use the Caralluma herb as a cleanser. The plant contains saponins, which act as antioxidants and cleanse the body. The herb can fight against acne and other skin and scalp diseases. Eczema, dandruff, and dermatitis are also alleviated with Caralluma. The anti-rheumatic characteristics are impressive. Many people with arthritis have found that the symptoms improve with consumption. Other people have also cited enhanced mental concentration and endurance.

People who have a vegetable diet may consume Caralluma herb as one of the vegetables. The herb is portable and is useful on trips because it satiates both thirst and appetite. Many people used it, historically, to make long distance journeys more bearable. The tribesmen also treated diabetes with Caralluma.

Omega-9 fatty acids in Caralluma Fimbriata can help to maintain healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels. In earlier times, Caralluma was used for fever and malaria because of the high anti-oxidant levels. People who take this supplement also age well.

Active Ingredients That Help With Weight Loss

Some of the active ingredients in Caralluma include Flavone Glycosides, Megastigmane Glycosides, Bitter Principles, and Pregnane Glycosides. Phytochemical constituents help people maintain a healthy weight and appearance, but it must be consumed according to the recommendation.

Pregnane glycoside is known to block activity of enzymes that are responsible for fat development, and it also controls the proper use of fat. These enzymes include citrate lyase and Malonyl Coenzyme A.

Types of Caralluma Supplements

Most commonly Caralluma supplements comes in 800 mg capsules, typically, that should be taken once per day every day as an appetite suppressant. The capsules will not only act as appetite control, but it will also inhibit fat formation and will build lean muscle mass.

How Effective Caralluma Has Been in Clinical Trials

Caralluma fimbriata was tested on 50 overweight individuals. These people were given a placebo, or they were given a gram of extract daily for 60 days. Caralluma was found to be effective for appetite suppression and also for reduction of waist circumference. Though there was a change in these two elements, there was no change in body mass index, body weight, body fat, and hip circumference.

A similar study was also conducted on obese rat models. Each rat was given a dose of 25 mg, 50 mg, and 100 mg. The results of the study showed that the plant was effective in reducing the formation of atheroma plaque formation. Anti-obesogenic and anti-atherogenic properties are the primary benefit of caralluma.

How Caralluma is Suspected to Facilitate Weight Loss

Caralluma blocks enzymes that make and store fat in the body. Specifically, citrate lyase is blocked to prevent the formation of AcetylCoA. Pregnane Glycosides are responsible for this blocking process. When the enzymes that cause fat is blocked, the body is forced to burn its fat reserves. This process initiates weight loss in most people.

In terms of appetite suppression, Caralluma seems to have properties that affect the nerves that send signals to the hypothalamus in the brain and convinces the brain that it is full. This even happens when the person has not eaten.

Some experts speculate that weight loss does not work because patients experience fatigue after weight loss. Caralluma provides the body with energy and also helps the patient to generate lean muscle mass. Patients have reported feeling more energetic while taking caralluma.

Lifestyle Parameters That Lead to Weight Gain

Excessive weight gain can be triggered by certain lifestyle choices. When people consume mass-produced food over traditional home cuisine, this contributes to excessive weight gain. An increase of sugary or fatty foods is another contributing factor. This combined with stress and lack of aerobic activity can be a recipe for weight gain. In addition to the supplement, patients should attempt to make healthy food choices and exercise to have overall good health.

Caralluma is a Natural Way to Lose Weight

Caralluma is a natural way to lose weight and to prevent the hungry feeling all the time. Most people prefer this method because it is plant-based rather than a synthetic drug. This is preferable because it is akin to simply eating a vegetable or fruit that happens to have appetite suppressant.

For instance, mangoes also have the capability to suppress appetite. Both are natural, but there seems to be more evidence that indicates people will lose weight when taking a Caralluma supplement or when eating the vegetable. People especially love Caralluma pickled.

Caralluma is an effective supplement that many manufacturers have captured in capsule form. It is recommended that the most natural form of the plant be consumed to have the best results. Consult with a physician to determine if the supplement is right for your particular conditions. Any side effects should be discussed with a physician. Any life threatening side effects should be treated in an emergency room.

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