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Healthy Food Swaps to Make in 2018

It’s very easy to say you’re going to be healthy in the new year. Many people say this year after year and never go through with it. Of course, some of us start being healthy in the first few weeks of the new year, but very quickly go back to their old eating habits.

However, we are looking to help people continue with their health kick. Therefore, we’ve come up with a range of food swaps for you to try this year! Keep reading to find out more!

Matcha Green Tea

Green tea is a brilliant alternative to English breakfast tea! More specifically, matcha green tea from Clearspring is packed full of antioxidants meaning it makes our skin look younger and protects us from numerous life-threatening diseases such as Cancer and heart disease.

Matcha green tea also helps us relax. The L-Theanine in matcha green tea stimulates alpha brain waves, leaving us in a very relaxed state of mind. It is perfect if you like to meditate as our body relaxes while remaining alert.

Almond Milk

Milk is a big factor to many people’s diets. However, did you know that cow’s milk isn’t too healthy for us. The lactose in cow’s milk can be very difficult for people to digest.

Instead it’s suggest we could drink almond milk. It contains 63 less calories than cow milk. Enriched almond milk is very high in vitamin D which helps control the amount of calcium and phosphate in our bodies as well as keeps our bones, teeth and muscles healthy. Therefore, give it a go and introduce it into your diet.

Dark Chocolate

Most of us are chocolate lovers. We can’t say no to a bit of chocolate when its offered to us. A lot of people believe that we have to cut chocolate out of our diet completely. However, that’s not true. Instead of eating milk chocolate, try eating dark chocolate. There are multiple benefits of dark chocolate such as;

  • Protects us from diseases
  • Helps prevent cancer
  • Improves heart health
  • Controls cholesterol levels
  • Better cognitive functions
  • Lowers blood pressure

Remember not to over indulge in dark chocolate as too much can be bad for you.

Kale Chips

bowl of kale
Kale chips are very nutritional and a great alternative to a packed of crisps. Kale chips are a great source of fibre and calcium as well as high in vitamin A, C, K & B6. They’re also extremely easy to make at home and surprisingly tasty.


There are a number of healthy food alternatives out there for you to try. Make sure you try out these healthy alternatives instead of going back to old habits as you will soon be seeing the benefits.

If you want to learn about some more healthy food alternatives, please make sure you read the infographic below. Make 2018 the year you see your diet through and discover some highly nutritious, yet tasty foods.

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