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How to Get Rid of Arm Fat for Women Over 40

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For women over 40 there are several things that life throws at us and it feels a constant battle to adapt and to try and cling on to those youthful looks. Hitting 40 alone for some women can cause a midlife crisis to occur, but for others its one looks in the mirror and a shake of the arm to see that arm fat is no longer a myth.

Luckily, there are a good number of ways that you can fight the war on arm & abdominal fat and we are about to take you through some top tips, that you can benefit from right now!


What are the Causes of Arm Fat?

Firstly we need to understand where arm fat comes from because it doesn’t just simply appear overnight, and it’s not as easy to lose the weight that grows on your arms like it does on your hips or stomach.

Arm fat comes from a slow build up and depositing of fat in your upper arms, and after you have passed the youthful ages of your 20’s its tends to become more of a problem as the 30’s is a decade where your body will store more fat as your muscles start to decrease.

Along with an increase in age comes another decrease in your body metabolism rates, and because your metabolism rate slows down after your 20’s have been and gone, it means we are burning less calories and as a result to this you are going to see more increases in the fat build up at the top of your arm.


Go for Aerobic Exercise


Now we have depressed you with the facts of why we get arm fat at 40, we are going to put a spring back in your step by showing you how you can start to combat the age cycle and get rid of the unsightly growth of fat.

The first is obvious, and that it to exercise much more than you are currently doing.  By getting the body active again and taking part in physical movements like aerobic exercise will mean that the fat accumulation at the top of your arms will start to disappear because you will be burning more calories.

Weight Lifting + Strength Training

The other form of exercise that comes hand in hand with aerobic exercise is weight lifting and strength training because this will help work your triceps muscles and you don’t even need to go to a gym to do these workouts.

Tricep dips can help you tone your arms, and all you need to do is sit in front of something like a dining room chair and literally pull yourself up and ease yourself gently back down, gradually increasing the reps you do.

If you are in the kitchen fixing up a snack you can also do counter push-ups, which is like push ups only you aren’t pushing your entire body weight up off the floor, instead you push yourself away from a counter or a table which is a great exercise to prepare you for push ups.

Talking of push ups, push ups and lateral plank walks are the other two main forms of strength training exercises that you can do from the comfort of your gown home, and once again these will not just help burn the fat in your upper body but it will also play a part in helping to tone up your arms at the same time.

The key is to fight through the pain barrier and keep improvement the amount of times you can push your body each day.


Using Natural Supplements

If you find that exercise is too much at this point because you are obese and need to shed a few pounds before you can even begin thinking of physical exercises then we are here to help you. The best thing during this condition is to look at an intake of natural supplements such as L-Carnitine which contains a very effective amino-acid.

L-Carnitine in conjunction with a light workout program can help you lose more weight than dieters who took a placebo as an alternative substance. The amino-acid found in L-Carnitine will help play a part in your body’s role of fat metabolism, giving you much better results.

Also, some suggests that dosage of 300mg of EGCG (polyphenols) per day which is found usually found in Green tea extract may benefit a weight-loss program by motivating carbohydrate metabolism or by restraining the digestion of fat in your intestine.

Once you notice the weight starting to drop you can then increase your exercise program and then focus on other exercise tips we have provided above for you.


Eating a Healthy and Balanced Diet


It should go without saying that a McDonald’s based diet is never going to help shift that arm fat for you, and if anything you are only going to damage your body more and leave yourself with long-term problems.

Think about what you eat on a daily basis, when you eat it, and what kind of portions you are giving yourself. You should make subtle changes to your diet in order to help not just your arm fat but also your physical health as you start to get older.

The two key ingredients of a healthy eating plan are vegetables & fruits that should make up part of your daily diet, and three good substantial meals are also advised. However, eating right before you go to bed no matter how healthy the meal may be is bad for you because your body doesn’t have the time to digest that food correctly.

At the end of the day losing arm fat isn’t impossible and neither does it require you to work hard, all you need to do is make slight changes to your lifestyle in what you eat, how you exercise and what supplements you are making the most of. It’s more important to understand the nutrition like, slimming foods you should eat.

Just by taking these tips you will not only be shedding the arm fat but you will also be helping your body as a whole in becoming stronger and healthier as you head through your 40’s.

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