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How To Slim Your Face

Do you have total body fat that makes your face look puffy? Are there bags under your eyes? Maybe you are the slim type but your face is chubby and you desperately need it to slim down and sync with your body? Whatever your reason is, no one wants a face that looks stuffed and chubby. We all desire to have a chiseled jaw line and high cheekbones which are the highlight of a perfectly sculpted face.

Peradventure this is too much to hope for probably because genetics has sculpted your face differently, face fat is something that can and should be dealt with and the rest of this article discusses how to do just that.

Set Goals

Talk is cheap and worry doesn’t achieve a thing but the worst of them all is lack of planning. You can desire to get rid of your face fat but until you make a serious plan to do just that, you won’t get anything done. The best that will happen is that you will take note of it, read up some materials, follow their recommendations for a few days and give up afterwards.

To slim your face, you have to plan to. And your plan isn’t concrete till it is within the boundary of time. Within how many weeks do you want to get a before and after picture?

Eat Fat Burning Foods

Now that your goal to slim your face is within a time frame, the first thing to watch is what you eat. Many people frustrate their efforts to lose fat via the foods they consume. You should eat foods that will help you get rid of fat in your body and the fat in your face will follow suit.

Eat a lot of protein and fiber. You burn calories as you digest food and protein foods require more calories to be digested. Such foods include yogurt, beans, nuts, fish, chicken, whole grains, fruits and vegetables.

Slim Your Face With High-intensity Interval Exercises

High-intensity interval training is a workout routine that will help you lose total body fat and as a consequence, fat in your face. These exercises trigger physiological changes in your body and this encourages the burning of face fat. The greater benefit is that it improves your fitness and this sustains your morale to achieve your goal.

Slim Your Face With These Exercises

Some exercises will tone the muscles in your face and reduce face fat. Such exercises include jaw release which helps you to get an attractive and high cheekbone as well as a more chiseled jaw line. Fish face is another popular exercise that can help to get rid of face fat. It helps to spread the muscles around your cheeks and to tone them as well.

Another exercise that helps is the blowing air exercise. This exercise works both facial and neck muscles to create a slimmer face. The most beautiful exercise you can do to slim your face is to smile. Smiling exercises about 12 facial muscles and keeps the muscles toned.

Follow These Tips

There are so many things you can do to slim your face but they all require lifestyle adjustment. You can’t continue to live the way you used to and expect a 30 minutes exercise to fix the problem. Here are some tips you should follow to develop and retain a slim and well toned face:

  • Avoid slouching; it makes your skin look flabby
  • Reduce sodium intake as it enhances bloating
  • Avoid or reduce alcohol intake as it aids water retention
  • Avoid store bought canned vegetables, soups, sauces and salad dressings

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