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Does Dieting Help Your Brain To Be Active?

Eating properly is good for your physical and your mental health. The brain needs nutrients exactly like your lungs or muscles or even heart do. However, which food items are very essential to keep our gray matter satisfied?   Choose whole grains: Just like everything else, in your body, the brain is not able to […]

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Protect Your Brain Health And Aging With Fish Oil

Fish oil has long been considered as a food to aid in normal functioning of the brain and scientific studies have shown that mega-3 fats in fish oil are effective in boosting the health of your brain. The studies conducted in humans are somewhat confusing as some results show the effect of fish oil supplements […]

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How to Increase Your Energy Levels Quickly

If you haven’t gotten enough sleep or you have a long day ahead, you may find yourself struggling to maintain adequate energy levels to get everything done and stay focused. But there are steps that you can take, and products that you can use, in order to increase your energy levels quickly throughout the day […]

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You Won’t Believe These Healthy Brain Foods

Brain health is important. Your brain is what tells your body what to do, by sending around signals to your arms and legs, as well as your organs.There are many illness that can affect your brain health, from Alzheimer’s Disease to tumors on your brain.   There are some wonderful doctors out there doing amazing […]

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Understanding more about Natural Nootropics

What are nootropics? I have to assume that not all of my readers have heard of natural nootropics. The simplest explanation calls them “smart drugs”. These compounds have been purported to improve focus, mental alertness, mood, memory, and generalized abilities such as motivation, and perseverance. Have you ever used Nootropics? We live in a period […]

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Alpha GPC and Growth Hormone: Good for Your Muscles & Brain

Bodybuilders and other individuals who are interested in bulking up their muscles often turn to human growth hormones, but this can become complicated for anyone who is competing on a professional level. Multiple studies have proven that taking human growth hormones can lead in a positive increase in lean mass. There are even some reports […]

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8 Ways to Prevent a Stroke, Starting Today

Women and men are susceptible to stroke. In fact, as many as 480,000 people will have one this year. Age makes it more likely you will have one, and that risk increases if a parent or relative suffered one. While you can’t stop the aging process or your genetic predisposition, you can lower your risk. […]

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Five Ways Neuroscience Will Change How We Educate Our Children

The importance of monitoring the development of a child’s brain is essential to discovering the most effective classroom teaching methods, with influential classrooms and education proving to be absolutely vital. Experts are now able to study how a child’s brain works and how it develops, which is constantly changing our views on education. Here are […]

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What are the Effects of Your Brain on Drugs?

Via Recovery Connection View More Addiction Related Infographics

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Disturbing ER Trends: Brain Injuries On The Rise

If you’ve just hit your head, you may think it’s natural to go to the emergency room to get yourself checked out. This seems to be a trend in America – more people are visiting the emergency room for head injuries. But, is it because of the increased awareness of the long-term effects of a […]

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