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Items You Need To Turn Your Home Into A Great Home Gym




If you have the necessary space, and it really isn’t that much, then investing in a home gym is a wise decision.  It is hard to lead a busy family, social and work life and get to the gym regularly.  However, if the gym was just in your garage, then you wouldn’t have the excuse of not wanting to go out and into the car to get there.

So once you’ve made the decision to build a gym and create a health fortress in your own home, what is next?  How do you actually do this?

It really depends on the kind of training you want to participate in, but there are certain standards that you would be better having than not having.  In the following post we will look at a selection of the accessories, tools and apparatus you should consider for your own home gym


As dumbbells are one of the most versatile pieces of equipment you can by because there is really no limit it seems to the different exercises you can do using them, it makes it hard to not include them in the basics.  If you want dumbbells are going to actually last a long time, you are best opting for hex-shaped with black rubber coating types.  They are also more comfortable to work with.  You need to get around 3 to 5 sets in different weights to accommodate muscle building.  


Although there are many people who will tell you that kettle-bells are not worth investing in as you can do the same exercises with dumbbells as you can with kettle-bells  However, there are some movements that are unique to kettle-bells and there are some that just work more effectively with a kettle-bell  Look for unpainted coating and smooth handled kettle-bells  

Pull Up Bar

Before you say anything, you should know from the start that pull up bars are not just for pull ups.  There are simple gymnastic exercises you can do when you have a pull up bar installed.  While it is possible to just have a pull up bar unit installed on a doorway, it would be much better if you had a section of wall or an archway you could use to mount it onto.  If you have never tried pull ups before, you will want to make sure you invest in some resistance bands to help you.


As well as being a great addition to your home gym, rings also make the perfect exercise tool for when you travel as they are lightweight.  By having rings to work with you can also add a greater amount of variety to your workout plans as they open the opportunity to practice a greater number of unique exercises.  Try to purchase a brand that make robust but lightweight rings that are easy  enough to hang.

Skipping Rope

It could be that you haven’t used a skipping or jump rope since you were younger.  What you may not have realised at the time when participating in the playground favourite is that it is not as easy as it looks and can give you a great cardio workout.  In addition it also helps you improve your co-ordination.  If you are a complete novice, just look for a no-thrills durable rope.  However, if you have a some degree of jumping skill, look for either a weighted rope if you want to work on building strength or a lightweight wire rope if you are more concerned with improving timing and speed.

Indoor Exercise Bike

There are many people who would argue the merits of exercise equipment such as a treadmill or indoor exercise bike.  However, if you do not have much of a chance to get any other proper cardiovascular exercise into your busy schedule and have a spare half an hour each day, you could do far worse than hopping on an indoor exercise bike and sweating it out to your favourite tunes.  Not only does it work your leg muscles, but it also helps strengthen your upper body, heart and lungs too.  


You may or may not heard of plyo-boxes before.  They are often included in the high octane routines practised by cross-fit enthusiasts.  As well as being a lot of fun, having a box to jump on can be a great piece of apparatus to have to build strength quickly and effectively.  They are also very versatile and can be used for non-jumping movements such as bench dips and squats.  


If you really want to have a home gym to die for, a major basic you need to have in place is a barbell.  Barbells are far better to use than the weight resistance machines you find at the gym because as well as building muscle they also help to improve co-ordination and stabilisation when you workout using them.  Try to avoid your choice of barbell when purchasing just on the price, because the main thing you should be looking for is sturdiness.  If you have particularly small hands, you need to be aware of the diameter of the bar.

Weight Plates

Now in addition to the above barbell you need a collection of weights to put on it.  You should aim to buy a good selection of different sizes.  45# are fairly strong, but you should also get 25#, 10′, 5# and 2.5# just to ensure you have enough variety in your workout.

Some Form Of Home Stereo System

If you really want to replicate the mood and atmosphere of the local gym, you need to make sure you have a reasonable music system.  You should also invest in a good pair of speakers to play your music loud enough that it helps you to block everything else out and enables you to concentrate.  It would be easy to dismiss this, but you will find it easier to push yourself if you are listening to either music you really enjoy or music that motivates you and drives you.


Although many people who workout in the local gym may use mirrors to preen and admire their bodies while working out at the mats with weights, mirrors are also very helpful in making sure you are working out safely.  If there is no mirror or mirrors in the area you have designated for your home gym, you need to install at least one so that you can keep an eye on your execution of exercises and stretches to ensure you are carrying them out properly, as this will help you to avoid unnecessary injuries.

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