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Key Tips on What to Look for with Post Accident Injuries

Accidents are unfortunate things that can actually happen to anyone within their lifetime, and there’s nothing that can take them back once they’ve occurred. Some wold say the best way to deal with accidents is to know just how to act when the situation arises or, for the ones enthusiastic about their safety, to prepare for such an eventuality. But perhaps a key component in dealing with accidents is to know just what to do and what to watch out for when accidents occur – and one of the first lessons is to know just when you have injuries you have to take note of. Below are key tips on what to look for with post-accident injuries.

Remember, when things such as injuries after an accident are being tackled, it’s important to remind ourselves that while injuries may or may not be visible immediately after an incident, they can potentially be life-threatening if left unchecked. This is primarily the reason why paramedics are almost immediately called onto a scene, as they are the first line of defence to ensure the safety of victims against life-threatening injuries. Knowing for yourself what to watch out for can help you accurately pinpoint problems, especially when emergency service staff asks where you’re injured.

According to Alex Bigham, M.D., in a KTAR News article, while most of the time vehicle accident victims tend to immediately show signs of damage and injury, there are instances where hidden or delayed injuries are just waiting to show up. This can prove very risky to the health of the people involved in such a crash, as delayed injuries can show up at any point in time and can cause further damage. Not only can this potentially delay recovery, but it can even cause situations such as more injuries and even death.

If you’re involved in an accident, chances are you or someone else may call for emergency help immediately. If you’re able to check yourself and you haven’t seen any immediate injuries or signs of injuries such as wounds or scratches, then try to remember the other things to watch out for below:

Is There Pain Somewhere with an Injury?

Sometimes, you may feel as though the pain you’re experiencing now is temporary because there are no signs of an immediate wound. These can range from anything such as mild dizziness, nausea, or even disorientation after the incident. However, try to recalibrate yourself and assess these feelings further with these questions:

  • Are you developing headaches days after the incident? This is something that can commonly happen after car accidents, and is not something to be ignored. Sometimes headaches are signs of various injuries such as severe concussions, a head or neck injury, or even a blood clot in the brain.
  • Are you experiencing stiffness and pain in the shoulders or neck? If you are, it may help to get yourself checked immediately as this is a sign of whiplash. These are serious injuries that can lead to riskier problems with health if left unchecked. Physicians will most likely have you scanned to confirm the whiplash injury.
  • Are you experiencing back pain? This might be a result of injuries to nerves, ligaments, and muscles in the back. Sometimes, this can be a symptom that part of your spine has also been damaged.

Is There Swelling or Numbness Anywhere?

Another potential cause of worry is if there’s any swelling or numbness in certain areas of your body without any “immediate” cause. These have to be checked immediately, even if you feel they’re not related to the car accident you just recently had.

  • Are you experiencing swelling and pain in the abdomen? This shouldn’t be taken lightly, as it can be a sign of internal bleeding. Try to check for signs of fainting, dizziness, or purple bruising on your abdomen. The larger this is, and if it doesn’t have any apparent cause, then you might need to have your abdomen checked. Internal bleeding can be a serious and life-threatening situation that has to be treated by emergency personnel.
  • Are you experiencing numbness anywhere? If there’s a loss of feeling in your hands and arms, then this might be another indication of whiplash. This is because damage to the spinal column or neck has resulted in some nerves connected to parts of your body being damaged.

Is There a Change in Personality?

If you’re experiencing behavioural changes, especially if you’re doing things you don’t normally do, then this might be a sign of something you have to get checked immediately. This is because injury to the head can sometimes manifest in ways that aren’t easy to see, physically. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are there changes in my physical function and personality? Sometimes, brain injury and trauma manifest themselves in the way you act. You may be dealing with a concussion if you have problems with hearing and seeing, if you have trouble moving, if your memory and thinking is impaired, and if you have changes in personality.
  • Are there signs of post traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD? This is a common term associated with events that cause intense trauma. People with PTSD sometimes have visions and nightmares of the events that happened to them. This can be extremely detrimental to someone’s personal development if left unchecked.

Take Note of Everything and Be Prepared

When accidents happen, remember to try to take note of the key tips above on what to look for with post accident injuries. These things can apply not just to you, but to people around you. If you know for sure that you’re safe and others with you are injured, you can check for the severity of such injuries so you can report them accurately to responders on the scene.

Your prior knowledge of the situation, no matter how mundane, can potentially help save a life. If a particular accident is complex or involves large vehicles like trucks, perhaps you may also need a bit of legal counsel. Click here for more information.

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