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How to Know if You’re Overdoing Exercise?

Weight loss is a common endeavor for women. Experts are always reminding the ladies not to overdo it because it can significantly affect productivity and overall health in the long run. There are many components of weight loss but most people concentrate on diet and exercise. Diet means consuming the right kind and amount of food to supplement the body’s nutritional needs.

Exercise is more challenging because it will test you and sometimes you will be defeated. The thing here is to get back up and try again. But it is different if you overdo weight loss through exercise. Exercise is good but too much is not beneficial for you. It is important that you know the warning signs if you are overdoing exercise. Here are the signs:

Fatigue: One of the purposes of exercise is to enhance your endurance. Endurance will give you enough power to get through the day. However, if you notice that exercise tires you or exhausts you, it means you are overdoing it. Overexertion can be a serious problem not just to your muscle groups but the whole body.

chest infectionSickness spells: Sickness is normal but the frequency should not be ‘often’. When you are sick, it means that the body is fighting it. But if you notice you are getting sick always, that is a different case. A common case of flu and cold take few days to heal but if it takes forever to heal, you are definitely overdoing the exercise.

No good sleep: The good thing about exercise is it induces calmness or relaxation through dopamine, which makes sleeping easier. If you notice that you cannot get enough sleep lately, it should alarm you. The length of sleep is not only the issue here but also the quality of sleep. This will all boil down to feelings of fatigue or exhaustion which could all also lead to loss of libido and poor sexual health – this is well documented in user experience reports on many sexual health forums.   

chronic painSoreness: Soreness, when you exercise, is normal especially if you just started a new exercise program or changed your routine. This kind of soreness will not last long and as soon as the muscles are used to it, it will stop aching. The soreness is a good sign that the body is improving fitness. The soreness will pass after 2 days of exercise but if it persists longer than that, it means you are overdoing the exercise. Overdoing the exercise can potentially damage the muscles and overall wellness at the end of the day.  

Exercise is addictive especially that it releases happy hormones during the process. It makes you happy and you are not to blame if you want to do it always but you have to keep in mind that there is such thing as overdoing it. If you are overdoing it, it is prudent to limit or reduce the frequency of the exercise program or routine. Reducing the frequency should be a priority to give the body enough time to recover and repair.   
If you are doing high-intensity workout, it is advisable not to go beyond three times a week. Listen to your body and do not push too hard. To prevent overexertion, think about balancing low intensity and high intensity work out. If you can get a fitness coach, it will be easier for you.   

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