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Little-Known Skin Care Tips Everyone Should Know!

Today, women from all over the world are always trying to look for ways on how to make their skin look young, beautiful and healthy. In addition to skin care maintenance tips, they also wish to know the ways on how they can prevent their skin from aging.

We have heard from time and time again about how using sunscreen can help protect skin from harmful rays of the sun. All over the Internet and beauty magazines, you will get to find articles, emphasizing the amazing things that using a sunscreen can do for you. However, women should realize the fact that applying sunscreen is not the only precautionary step that you should take. Here are some little-known skin care tips that are worth trying out!

Eat Your Way to Good Looking Skin!

Most skin care tips are all about the products that you should apply on your skin or the skin regimen that you should take but you will rarely hear people reminding you to eat healthy. Yes, people, what we eat really do become who we are. If you wish to look healthy, then eating healthy is a must. Because of this, it is highly recommended that you eat various anti-aging foods such as berries, nuts, spinach, fishes and even, beans! These foods are packed with a good amount of protein and a whole lot of vitamins that will help keep your skin healthy and young looking!

Consider Your Neck Too!

Time and time again, you will be reminded to apply creams, moisturizers, sunscreens on your face but you will rarely hear people reminding you to protect your neck. When applying skin care products, it is highly recommended that you apply these products on your neck and décolletage. This is a must since it is our neck that will exhibit the first signs of aging.

Say No To Processed Sugar!

If you are a sweet tooth, then you will definitely like this next tip. But if you love your skin more than your cravings, then I am pretty sure you can work something out. Processed sugar is a big no-no for healthy skin. According to studies, processed sugar hastens the aging process. This is because it has negative effects on the collagen of our skin. As a result, you will have noticeable wrinkles as well as loose skin. In the event that you crave for something sweet, go for something healthy like fruits.


This is the easiest yet most neglected skin care advice of all! It is a must that you take some time out of your every day to do something relaxing to de-stress. Of course, you do not have to always go to the massage or travel to places in order to have the relaxation you need. De-stressing can be as simple as stretching or meditating for half an hour. When you are less stressed, you get to avoid getting wrinkles and fine lines.

Make Use of Serum.

This might be a common skin care tip but a lot of women still fail to apply this one. If you are really serious about taking care of your skin, this is something you should not neglect doing. It is a must that you make use of a skin care product which contains highly potent ingredients so that it can go deeper to your skin to nourish it. If you wish to find products that you can use, try visiting

Incorporating these skin care tips can help you in achieving the healthy and young-looking skin in no time.

Dr. Braun at the Vancouver Laser & Skin Ca...

Dr. Braun at the Vancouver Laser & Skin Care Centre uses the latest technology in laser hair removal with the Soprano laser. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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