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Is The Nicotine In ECigs Dangerous For Me?

Nicotine in electronic cigarettes has been blamed for keeping smokers hooked and harming them inside. This isn’t the case because it isn’t the nicotine causing the problems in smokers. Getting a hit of nicotine every day is no more dangerous than caffeine, and caffeine is actually more harmful because it messes around with your sleep pattern.

What Does Nicotine Do?

Nicotine doesn’t cause any damage to the body but it doesn’t help the body either, though it’s not as dangerous as people think. Nicotine has got a bad reputation for being the source of all smoking problems. The addictiveness of a cigarette comes from the nicotine. This is what makes eCigs such an attractive choice.

These act as a safe delivery system for nicotine. Rather than taking in all the dangerous chemicals found in cigarettes, you’re condensing your smoking down into water vapour and nicotine. Over time, the nicotine doses are diluted until you feel you can stop smoking completely.

Nicotine as a Medicine

To prove just how useful nicotine is, there have been a number of studies into potentially using this drug in various medical treatments. Its addictiveness can prove to be a help in some patients. Nicotine is also found in tomatoes and peppers. These common foods are still sold and nobody pays any attention to the naturally produced nicotine.

We’ve also seen nicotine increasingly being used as an insecticide due to how quickly it breaks down into a non-toxic substance. It’s mixed with sulphur to make nicotine sulphate. Everything else is water. It’s been praised for its ability to ward off insects close to harvest time. Farmers in the US have used this pesticide for many years now.

Can Nicotine Kill You?

Nicotine can kill people if you really want it to. The military have made nerve gases from it in the past. To make it into a toxic substance, the nicotine would need to be heavily concentrated, which is impossible in an electronic cigarette or a normal cigarette. You would need to distil tobacco and boil it to separate the parts. To complete your mixture you would filter it until you get a clear liquid. It’s a messy job and you would need some lab experience to be able to pull it off.

In short, it isn’t a practical method of killing anyone. Those who say nicotine from electronic cigarettes is problematic are talking complete and utter nonsense.

Should You Worry about the Nicotine?

Absolutely not! You’re vaping to get your hit of nicotine each day. You aren’t necessarily smoking to quit. Some people enjoy their nicotine but they want a less harmful delivery method. This is where the debate starts. Too many people assume these are devices for quitting not for leisure. It’s part of the reason why governments want to see it labelled as a medical device requiring a prescription.

The nicotine itself isn’t harmful. You aren’t taking in a huge amount of it so it won’t cause any damage. Everything else is water vapour, which makes the misty smoke similar to cigarettes.

Today’s guest post is contributed by Health Host Staff. We are fitness enthusiasts who believes in leading a healthy life. We feel e-cigarettes are very useful and effective in helping you combat nicotine addiction.

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