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Nootropic Supplements to Improve Concentration and Boost Memory Power

Nootropics are sometimes referred to be in the category of “smart drugs” since they have come to be associated with increased mental energy, intelligence, and motivation.

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The major difference between Nootropics and smart drugs is that the former have an extremely low risk of any side effects when used appropriately, unlike smart drugs which have been shown to cause harmful side effects as a result of long term usage.
This blog post gives a summary about how Nootropics work and gives a few recommendations about some Nootropics to try out.

How Nootropics Work:

All brain functions and the processes that the brain controls happens due to chemical messages are sent and received by nerves along with neurons in our brain. These chemical messages cause stress responses, sending impulses which control muscles and the body’s metabolism along with controlling our mood.

The substances that transmit these messages either come from our food or are released naturally from within our body. Nootropics bring a positive effect in our mind by enhancing this process of regulation, production or inhibition of the chemicals in our brain responsible for this. 

Nootropics for enhanced Mental Performance

Smart pills can help when you are having low energy, dropping levels of mental energy and problems with focusing. Sulbutiamine is a nootropic that has the effect of raising energy levels, increasing your metabolism and release of greater levels of dopamine to help overcome these situations. It also improves confidence levels and motivation and increases your ability to focus mentally. 

It has been seen that hyperactive ADHD patients having problems in focusing for long periods of time have actually benefited from taking Sulbutiamine which helps them reach a focused state of mind and concentrate better.

Nootropics for Memory


Nootropics can improve your memory function. Piracetam, was the first ever nootropic supplement discovered nearly 50 years ago. Trials by scientists have shown that Piracetam improves memory test results and enhances reasoning skills. 

Aniracetam, a derivative of Piracetam is useful for enhancing memory while bringing about a more contented state of mind. 

Oxiracetam, a nootropic preferred by students of science or math, boosts memory and enhances the mental ability to deal with complicated information and carry out calculations quicker.

Nootropic side effects:

The vast majority of Nootropic smart pills carry when taken as per directions. Since nootropics strengthen the brain’s natural systems for controlling intelligence and mood, our body can adapt to these therapies very easily.

Stress Elimination

Anti Anxiety GABA Nootropics help eliminate stress by controlling the over-firing of brain synapses which take place when you are stressed out indirectly increasing calmness in your mind. 

Usage of Nootropics

Always be careful when starting any new medicines, by they supplements or otc drugs. Be sure to follow suggested dosage specified in instructions. In the case of any side effects, stop using the supplements immediately.


Article produced by Nootriment:

Nootriment is the company which has come out with Nootropic supplements which are dietary supplements used to enhance cognition resulting in improved concentration and increased memory power.  

Nootriment brings you a wide variety of nootropic supplements to choose from. With some careful experimentation, you’ll soon find the appropriate supplements which deliver you the right cognitive benefits to lead a better life.

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