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Organic living – A ‘Naturally’ Healthy Living

The importance of staying in the pink of health and living a healthy life are re-iterated endlessly in today’s world. To cope with the gruesome pressures of life, the fast-paced, hectic and busy schedules that we follow each day, it is extremely essential and of utmost importance to be fit both physically and mentally.

We can achieve this level of fitness by staying in close proximity to nature and by leading a life away from chemicals and artificial agents as much as possible. Some are of the opinion that the best way to achieve this wellness of health is by simply consuming organic products.

Types of Organic Products

Organic products have gained huge momentum in recent years. There are organic products catering to a wide array of human needs, these days. From the clothes we wear to the food we eat, from the make-up the ladies flaunt, to the shoes that the men adore, it seems organic is the way to be! To name some of the items from a plethora of options we can list all the edible articles like fresh farm produce of vegetables and fruits, beverages, grains, cereals, poultry, meat and other processed foods, personal care products like hygiene and beauty products, cleaning supplies, clothing, sleeping mattresses, cotton, fiber and flowers etc. are also not left behind. You name it and that product is available in the organic category.

Why Organic Products

The organic food products top the list of the most frequently bought organic items globally. This fact is supported by a survey which stated that, over 80% of homes in the U.S.A use organic food articles. This popularity and awareness has facilitated the growth of the organic food industry to over ten folds in this decade. People have started realizing its significance world-wide and have put their health on priority and therefore they don’t mind paying the higher price that these products come with in comparison to their non-organic peers.

The craze of organic products is rapidly growing as they restrict and limit the use of synthetic materials (chemicals, fertilizers and pesticides etc.) or genetically modified ingredients and try to preserve the natural elements of the product in its original form. There is no unnecessary processing and thus, it is perceived to be better than its other conventional contemporaries. Studies have shown that organic products have higher levels of Vitamin C and Selenium and lower nitrate levels.

Another important factor that adds to organic food being preferred by people more is that it has to pass through a lot of stringent Certifications and strict rules set by the various governing agencies, only then can it be labeled as ‘organic’. These agencies set tough standards for quality and check that all the parameters are kept in line, before they can be called organic. After passing through various tests at various stages in their product development these products are ready to hit the markets.

Alternative medicine

Organic medicines and health boosting supplements have also become a fad in this era along-with the organic food products. A lot of importance is being paid to healing in the natural manner. With the ever-rising cost of medical treatments and services, people are drawn towards alternate methods of curing a disease. The risks and side-effects in the traditional methods are also seen to be more as compared to the organic or natural products which are claimed to be harmless with no side-effects and can be used safely for long-term. Aromatherapy and various massage oils are also a favorite pick from the beauty segment. The ill-effects of surgeries and over the counter medications has made people choose from a safer option that is available in the form of organic supplements.

The modern farming techniques have caused serious damage and wear-tear of soil due to excessive use of chemicals and also increased the salinity and blue-green algae of waterways. These hazards are minimized with organic farming and we are able to save the health of our bodies along-with the environment and also preserve the future of the planet and help the earth be greener. It promotes a healthier trend and sets a new standard for saving our environment too, as it increases a fuller and sustainable use of natural resources.

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