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Basic Tips for Staying Fit and Healthy in College

The infamous freshman 15—we’ve all heard about it, many of us have experienced it, and some of us are dreading it. When I was in college I managed to gain and lose 20 to 30 pounds over the course of a grueling four year degree. More important though, than gaining some weight during your freshman […]

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Tips for Using Calorie Counting Effectively

A lot of times when people first start off on their journey to health and fitness they turn to calorie counting to keep track of how much they’re eating. The process of recording calories can be a beneficial one, keeping you accountable and aware of how much food you’re consuming, but it can also be […]

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Lower Ab Exercises for men

Flat abs symbolize peak physical fitness, and in the celebrity tabloids abs have also become a kind of yardstick for sex appeal. Year after year, countless men swear that they will work their abs and achieve the exlusive six-pack – most of these men fail. The reasons for wanting great abs are simple: you’ll feel […]

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Dumbbell Exercises – Insane Chest Workout

A simple set of dumbbells and a basic workout plan target your major muscle groups, building your mass or toning your muscles. These combined movements, along with high-intensity training, maximize working out your muscles simultaneously, while forcing you to maintain better balance and coordination. Insane Dumbbell Chest Workout CLOSE GRIP DUMBBELL PRESS PULLOVER – 10 REPS […]

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10 Tips to Curb Mindless Snacking

We’ve all been there before; you open up a bag of chips or a sleeve of cookies with the intent of only having a handful, or sticking to the portion size. You start out well enough, sneaking in a few extra bites, but vowing to put the food away after those one or two extras. […]

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How to Sneak in Workouts While on Vacation

Vacations are supposed to be care-free, relaxed events where we indulge and recharge, right? But for those of us who are trying to lose weight the anticipation of a vacation can come with a certain amount of dread mixed in as well. All of the indulging that is typically done on vacations can result in […]

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5 Signs You’re Training Too Much

In the world of health and fitness it’s easy to get caught up in the mindset that training hard breeds results. To an extent this is true, you need to continually push and challenge your body to keep making fitness gains; however you also have to allow your body adequate time to rest and recover […]

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Get Out for Your Health!

[image src=”” caption=”water fountain” float=”left”]You spend almost half of your time at work, so isn’t it just as important to try to be a little more eco-friendly there too? I realized this last month as I caught myself throwing a couple of soda cans away, a few paper cups at the water cooler, paper towels […]

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How to Have a Gorgeous, Healthy Picnic

Most everyone has a hazy, romantic notion of picnics: a hamper filled with gourmet delicacies and real china. A blanket spread under a tree by the riverbank. A stringed instrument and a bit of poetry…. Okay, maybe that’s a little excessive, but the point is, a picnic is much, much more than lunch packaged up […]

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